Ivy.js (Random Project)

What The Fuck is this shit:
Okay, with school and everything that’s going on, I hadn’t had the time to really complete this, I’m just posting it here so people can see what it looks like so far.
I recently download a JavaScript Project (failed attempt at remaking Graal), and looked through the source, what I found was, he/her, didn’t have several layers for each item, he just had a map and a technic to make objects block (which wasn’t very convenient).
I played around with it, but never got to anything significant. So, I tried making something myself, using the “layer” technic, and the video below will show you what I have done so far.

What are you going to do with it:
I might detach from Graal itself, I know this is nothing so far, but I am simply insisting on what would happen if I finish what needs to be done.
I doubt that Unixmad and his henchmen would be able to sue me as the file system is different, so is the sprite sheet (at least at the moment), and most of the other features I will have will also change.
The only thing I will keep is the Graal-like graphics (which I will be making with the help of several friends of mine).

Current Features:
-iOS tested/compatible (not show in current video, will be in next)
-Mixed Sprite Sheet (this really isn’t much of a plus as it limits customization, as you can see in the video, I had to make my own sprite sheet, yes I go by, “Overflow”). That will soon change.
-100% JavaScript
-Multiplayer (need to work on a ChatBox…)
-TileEditor/LevelEditor (whatever you want to call it), It’s almost done, but needs some work, which is why it isn’t in this video either, it will be in the next.

Soon to be:
-Graal like Sprite Sheet (more customization)
-Player HUD…
-bla bla…bla.

yay this video is in HD! :awesome:
The Project name is “Ivy.js


I don’t need help with this for the time being, I already have friends willing to help out.
Though, some constructive criticism would be appreciated.
I know there are some bugs, and the map isn’t much, but this is just a preview.
At the bottom as you can tell is just a small Design Agency that I started when I was 12, so nothing much about it, it’s only there for you to check it out and
see some of my Web Work

Thanks, I hope I don’t get insulted too badly for not showing anything significant. :slight_smile:


cool beans

I can’t tell if you didn’t get it.

Codr is trying to tell you that he is more interested in pointing out spelling errors rather than feedback.

Only because I think browser-based things of this nature are a complete waste of effort.


I don’t consider a learning experience as a “complete waste of effort.”

I’m looking forward to watching you implement a scripting language in javascript

There was no indication that that was the goal.

I have never worked on a project before without learning something new…

you don’t need to implement a scripting language in javascript because it is a scripting language… just need to properly sandbox the environment so they can’t run any “unsafe code” which shouldn’t be too difficult

What’s gained along the way is different than a goal.

I’m not sure what’s not “easy” about what I’ve said. Try not projecting emotions onto what I’m saying.

If you can’t handle someone’s opinion, you don’t have to post about the project. Doing it for fun with no serious goal is fine, I’m just saying that I think anything else is a waste.

Who said anything about a goal?

I redact that question. Here is what I meant to post: Who the hell cares what codr thinks?

I can’t stand it when people say something that they can’t explain.
If you think it’s a waste of effort that’s fine, but rather then just saying it’s a waste of effort, explain.
I posted here asking for a constructive criticism, pretty sure I wrote that down.

Lmao, you’re right about that.
I figured that he would be the one with something to offer since he’s a “software developer”, guess I was wrong.
I usually assume that the people here are helpful, can’t say that all of them are.

Since you’ve already stated that your intentions aren’t to make this into a serious project, what exactly do I have to explain? I already noted that my opinion is not relevant to your current plans.

Just because someone completely disagrees with you doesn’t mean you start insulting them, unless you’re mentally 14 years old. I’m not going to be responding further on this topic.

That’s funny, because you didn’t agree with me and indirectly insulted me.
Nice try.

Wow, guys. Semantics.

Rammy, Codr thinks it’s a waste of effort. Best leave it at that. There is nothing to gain by putting what he’s saying under a microscope.

Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Rammy, why the hell are you using internet explorer?

In his defense, it needs to be IE compatible to reach out to as many users as possible.

True that, that’s why I had it opened in IE.
If you look at my taskbar you can clearly see my preferred alternative :slight_smile:
Edit: it got cut because of the camera prog…I had Chrome pinned to it