Japanese Soda Commercial.


omfg that’s what my Japo friend was talking about the other day.
I thought it was just one of his random words he made up.

What a great add for people who don’t like water, too bad for them every consumable liquid (that excludes mercury and such) is made from water. SUCKAS!

Its acid, Only reason they saw a giant duck is because they were trippin balls on that food coloured acid they drank.No other explanation its acid.

There’s another one-word explanation:


I wondered where Chuck Norris’ pet duck went!

I wondered and still wonder when you’ll shut up with the corny jokes.

I wondered and still wonder when you’ll stop posting…

I got this commercial O.o It isn’t wierd at all x.x

Stfu inoob

Oooh, you ever worked on GO? You are more iNoob than me…

No cuz I’m trial I ain’t paying for igraal. Plus ur guild actually TRIES to get towers that’s inoobs. While I play igraal to chat with people not play te game like youdo. You and your obsessive sparring

O.o haven’t been on graal for longer than 5 minutes this year o.o guild hasn’t done anything for the last year…

You feeling all right, buddy?

Hey, fuck faces. You can’t be more iNoob than someone. You’re either an iNoob, or you aren’t. Now how about you both stop spamming an awesome thread while you’re at it. Go fight in PM’s about who’s more iNoob and the world will not end. Spamming a thread with messages will, however, cause the world to end.

iNoob Civil War

Wait, we need to get the rest of them in here…

How about you stop calling yourself iNoobs and start calling yourself Graalians?

iNoob has a better ring to it

Why does every thread degrade into an “LOL iNUBZ” conversation? Seriously…