Java Graal

Decided to host the old Java Graal on the web page for fun.

Takes quite a bit of time to load for me…

Facts about this Java Graal:
You start out with the ability to pick up white stones.
You only get one weapon: the bow.
There aren’t any NPCs, just baddies and default chests.

It has never been NPC’s on JavaGraal. It could only be possible IF you make a new server for the java-client that has a NPC-Server that sends the NPC-baddies to the java-client as other players.

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Btw, you could replace that pics1.png with a new one. The only reason it’s so blurry is because it took a shorter amount of time to load it on 56k/v90 faxmodems

I remember this! It’s how I discovered Graal in the first place.