JS Reborn

Have you done much work functionally on your engine lately? Wouldn’t mind seeing another demo

Unfortunately I won’t be able to work on the demo at all until next week…I’m falling behind on a few college supplements I still need to complete and I’m nearing the end of my semester and application process. However, once that’s all done, I’ll be posting as frequently as I use to and planning for the next demo release.

On the bright side, that should give 2ndwolf enough time to start working on the editor and hopefully providing progress updates from his end as well.

Just a few images I made before going to bed. I plan to do an amber bottle and perhaps one that has a label on it that’s like “XXX” for moonshine or something.

Made some support beam type things, modified my old lanterns colour scheme, larger crate and also I made them stack a bit better.

A bit more to the support beams, I suppose. These ones are a bit worn and it’s more of a mine shaft then anything.

Some stupid bodies I was messing mocking up (didn’t use a scale) so they’re not usable at all, but practicing really. I think the skin tone will work though.

I thought people might get a bit of a kick out of these reference images XD so I have included them.

Took a few hours, a few iterations >.> I suck at humanoids, animals etc. And animating will be the hardest part, that being said I have piece out the head, torso, arms and legs to make things a bit easier. Not sure when I will get to doing that though. A daunting task.

Even if it’s not suitable for this, it was a good learning experience and definitely worth the time. I can tell already that it’s still a bit small compared to things like the crates etc, but that would just require them to be resized.

These ones are mine.
Updated: did a few iterations :slight_smile: one has dungarees. Not sure what they’re called in other countries (the jean pant things with suspenders)

These are my reference images and mockups.

Assuming [USER=“11182”]Rammy[/USER] is using Javascript…
Do you use 2d canvas or webgl?

Yes, Canvas.

Hey guys,

Most likely will be open sourcing this project soon. I will continue to contribute to it from time to time but unfortunately I can’t fully support it like I had been. I’ve been inactive for some time now due to schoolwork…Also, the college I’ve committed to is rather pricey and, even with financial aid, I’m going to have to start working every day to save up. So with limited time and energy, I figured I’d at least do my part to put it up here for others to build on.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you guys know.

*Side note: there’s a big video game development/design lab run by the university near my particular faculty, so if I end up meeting anyone there, I’ll definitely pitch this project to them.

For different reasons, it’s similar on my side. Will not be developing the editor as steadily as when I started. Most of you here have seen my works and may have noticed I get interested in coding for different periods of time after random periods of inactivity.

I might release the source code if anyone wants to see it but it’s really short (320 lines or so) and I don’t want help. Besides, much went into structure… so I have like 10 files and most are empty.

Right now I’m interested in poker and putting efforts into social life. I /will/ get back to coding, because I love coding. It’s just that for the moment I don’t see why I should be spending time on something that will have little to no impact on my life. Time is precious.

god damnit, 2ndwolf

You must be an optimist hos. I was helping under the realization that it probably wont get finished, but hopefully the stuff that was created can be useful to others. It’s a graal thing.

Glad to read you’re not too disappointed.

yeah please keep at your graphics project, It’ll be useful for any members here needing some assets to release in a base package for an engine.

Plan too. I started the North facing direction last night. Only have the initial mockup frame done, but it’s coming a long. I may still actually go back at some stage and redo the side directions again, or I may actually continue the nude body which was proving to be a pain to animate.

It helps to just be in it for yourself, or have selfish reasons for helping. I’m doing it as a way to improve, but also I will probably use them down the line as tests for my own projects when I get my programming up to scratch (actively working on this).
It’s also good to help people out to.

Here’s the link to the repo: https://github.com/tinthetub/JSReborn

I’m currently working on a readme to explain as much as I can about the code and how to get started with it.
Best of luck! Again, I haven’t fully given up on the project and I’ll be asking for help from other developers as soon as I can.

[USER=“10627”]2ndwolf[/USER], feel free to commit your editor to the git I started!


Not sure how to introduce this since I haven’t been on the forums for quite some time…

I managed to rewrite a great deal of the JSReborn engine this weekend and now the players and game objects are entirely generated through Canvas.
For the most part, I had dropped this project because I simply wasn’t able to (and didn’t really have the time to learn how to) draw objects in canvas with DOM-type functionality.
Furthermore, the game map is now completely tile based - with a tile map and separate collision map and I finally implemented a player-follow camera!

The reason I’m posting today is that I was finally able to spend some time (thank god for college break) learning how to use Canvas and implementing HTML5 game mechanics.
For those that don’t know much about game development, this means several things:

  • Less lag - Canvas eliminates the endless list of DOM objects that clutter the browser and hinder performance.
  • Less code - Making it substantially easier for me to debug.
  • Mobile capabilities - Porting this over to iOS or Android app stores would be fairly simple upon completion

I haven’t gotten to animations yet (as you can see in the video, the player remains static while moving) but I am fairly certain that I can have that done soon.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if I can get the player animations done soon I’ll have the game up and running as early as next week for you guys to test!
By the way, the lag and blur in the video is all from the recording software I’m using.

Oh and [USER=“470”]Chicken[/USER], I used your tiles for the demo if you don’t mind!

Looking cool :slight_smile:

Not a problem mate. The tiles were made for people to use :slight_smile:

Update: in!

Here’s what I managed to get done since my initial post:

[]Main page - with username authentication and a player head selector
]Idle system - publicly adds an idle indicator to a player’s username when they switch out of the game tab
[*]Walking animation (local player) - only works for the current user, other players in the game still move with a static frame, see the video for reference.
[/LIST] Things I’d like to finish before I release a link to the beta:

[]Chat system - very basic for now, much like the one on the old engine
]Walking animation (all players)
[/LIST] Hope you all enjoy:

I once made a javascript code that parses .nw file and renders them in the browser.
It only generated an image from the .nw files but it worked. If you haven’t figured that part yet I’ll be happy to send you the code and help you go through it.

I really wish we had a working online version of our classic graal worlds!