Jurrasic Park

IN 3D!

what’s the point, I’ve already seen it dozens of times.
3d was cool like 2 years ago.

it was freaking awesome

I heard this was good in 3D.

i am glad i got to see this movie on the big screen again.

I want to go, but I’m cheap. Also, it’s spelled “Jurassic”.

Gramer naizee :stuck_out_tongue:

Spelling isn’t grammar. Also, you say that as if it’s somehow a negative thing to actually care about doing things correctly.

You’re right, doing things correctly is a good thing; if everyone on earth was centered at doing things correctly we might be in a meritocracy centered society and the world would rock. Where everyone merits the base living things and for the rest, well your merit shall be behind it. Kim Jun Il would merit a snickers and stop being an hungry warmonger.

It’s just that 2 continuous posts of yours were about spelling so I had to say that. Nothing bad or against you, I was in the mood to write that expression at that given time and you gave me an occasion to.

I will not correct this thread title.
It’s funny though. I looked up the correct spelling before i posted and still got it wrong.

What the fuck?