Just an image.

A basket, enjoy. (Got bored and wanted to make something …)

Aha, neat. :slight_smile:

Almost reminds me of the barrels on Graal Kingdoms.

pretty neat there brother.

Since everyone loved my basket.

It’s tiny, but it fits well on the tiles.

That’s pretty cool. The face needs to be more round though and maybe make the hands golden.

I got … really bored. :whatever:

Here’s another … Not really that great.

Hope you all know who that is being violated by that boomerang.

skip the blackness and add the dead-animation instead.

Go for it. I’m a bit lazy. :asleep:

Got bored again.

I don’t have the programs to record the animation and I don’t want to download it just to edit a animation…

I was going to edit yours, then I thought it’d be easier to just make an animation in graalshop and copy/paste lol.


Man, if I could actually use the GShop … I could have done that and then edited it no problem. Anyway, you missed out the part where he comments about being a god … also the cussing at the end. It’s also suppose to look like Spoon’s Graal character. :smiley:

Well that would have been easily editable via Graalshop(just change the head)… but then I forgot to save it so oh well, heh.

lol good stars transition shiny.

Who feels like scripting monsters. :smiley:

*Note- Severely pissed because I saved that image above over the monster layout.