just saying hey

well Russ aka Johnny#5 was telling us goons that there was a new gserver client out there and wondering if any of us wanted to check it out.

Soooo i made myself an account and here i am, and few of the other folks from Enigma and the flames will be stopping by im sure in the near future to check things out as well

but nice work guys ill continue to snoop around a bit haha

Spiffy, welcome :open_mouth:
Neat, you live in Maine (funny stories, that place).
I’m just north of you in Canada O_o

Oh god, more goons.


o.o where men are men and sheep are scared

I’m referring to ‘goonish’ people in general. Such as Spooon, Downsider, etc.

I’m no goon. I’m voting you off the island!

“Goon” as in, “The Flames”.


Im voting you off


haha this thread certainly took a Turn lol

but Beholder got closest as i figure it, goons as in www Damngoons com the Flames from EG’s old message boards

EG is up again now btw =D u.c and fixing things but up for the time being =P

haha, 90% of the copies of Enigma Graal have Aurora Kingdom removed, is it one of them? :stuck_out_tongue:

never did play Enigma, I played mostly the old Valikorlia before it got fucked…I was in Alkaria… Crp. Clantu Markant -=of=- (Alkaria)

then…val suddenly disappeared and came back as faggot-server.no kingdoms, shitty overworld…shitty system…it was like some noob started hosting it.

there were 4 servers I played on mostly

Npulse (as a SeeD member)
Unholy Nation (as a nobody, that roamed around spamming gold rupees using the ultimate cheat script (load level hack still worked back then, I loaded a level that contained bomb that included the cheat script so gm’s couldnt find it))
Valikorlia (as a soldier in the Alkarian Army)
Delteria (as a member of the Kiith-Sa Hunterz)

Yep, here I am :slight_smile: I don’t know when SomethingAwful members started calling each other Goons, but us old Flames members started in early 2001, I believe.

Hi Beholder, how’s Aspen been, if you know?

Good to see that free Graal lives on!

Like your AIDs virus.

I think shes been well… Its extremely hard to keep in touch with her nowadays, even harder to talk to her since shes changed so much (Long Term “Christian Spirit Quest”). Completely different person you could say. I think Celina is growing up well, I still remember Celina commenting to Aspen that she wanted to be buried with that lil Aspen doll when she dies. lol… Hell of a conversation to have with your kid.

Couldn’t manage to find the pictures of Aspen took of the doll, I tried requesting an old picture but I just quickly got forgotten.

You could say W.D.K is officially disbanded, Josh/Prince Sap completely blocked out everything between 1999~2004 and refuses to aknowledge anything that happened.
The rest of the members also went their own way after Aspen left the group.

I’m gonig my own way BI GR >_< that’s so dumb this is the interweb, easiest way to talk to anybody. It’s takes very little effort at all to continue to contact your friends online… People like to blame particular things in their lfie as to why they are failnig, drug yes, beer yes, P2P Graal yes, GR NO

Jesus christ (a form of speech I don’t beleive in religion) if you don’t want to do as much on GR then we simply don’t do as much till summer hits… No one is gonig to complain well Dang3rless may but moo…

Beholder why did your internet girlfriend leave you I’m curious.

Eh? o_o

Beholder is actually a pimp in real life.