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I’ve played graal offline a lot as a kid. I have used Graal reborn before, even made some cool boss npcs and interfaces. I am a professional c#/js/java developer and I wanted to get back into reborn. Things seem to be a bit neglected around here. In simply trying to get the client I’ve come dozens of 404’s, a broken landing page and no working mirrors for official downloads… All well, I only see 4 servers and no players, am I doing something wrong or are things really this dead. The forums still seem alive, any irc or secondary server lists that I should be heading to?

Hello, and welcome to Graal Reborn.

Unfortunately this place is a little dead, most of the people have left to do something else or given up on development. What you see is what you get here. There are four servers online, Land of Sporks is mine by the way. Some of the servers might have something to do on them, I think Phoenix has some quests. If you want a few members can meet up and play on Bomber Arena with you if there is a time that works for you. You’re welcome to start developing a server or working on a project if you would like. Most of us are fairly experienced with Graal and could help you out if you have any questions. Overall we pretty much hang out on here and talk about stuff that isn’t even related to Graal.

Looks like you are in need of some new blood =) I was going to get my girlfriend into Graal and maybe make a small server together. I don’t need everything to work to be happy, I will say though, the main page and downloads need to work if you want new players. If I didn’t have prior knowledge of reborn I would have assumed it dead and left after seeing all of the downloads are 404’d.

Dylan left out the part where we are developing our own game and none of us really care about Graal anymore. Think Graal but without the Zelda rip-offs and cocaine addicts.

Server transitions are so much fun.
I’ll fix the links tonight, thanks for informing me that they were broken.

Glad to hear you’re back and planning on staying. If you need any help with anything at all, feel free to hit me up on here or on skype.

Is this a unified project? Or is everyone trying to make their own game. I think a simple Graal clone with apng, java script (running on v8) and a client-server architecture that is actually half way secure would be extremely fun. Also it would get rid of that looming shadow of copyright.

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As long as someone still cares about Graal I still have hope. =P

APNG is a rather obscure format, It’s usually more efficient and flexible to roll your own animation layer, which is what I’ve done. This way developers can create their assets in many different formats (PNG, BMP, JPEG, etc.) and still have them render as a standard animation. It also allows us to define per-frame recoloring, rotating, scaling, flipping, and moving, without having to create the individual frames in an image processing program.

True, as long as it isn’t GIF =P so is everyone doing their own thing or is it unified?

As far as I know, I’m currently the only one actively maintaining a project. Cadavre was working on an engine in c#, however I’m not sure if he’s still working on it as I haven’t spoken to him in a while.

awesome he killed the forums

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Forum dies before I return, into obscurity. Wait a minute…