Just wondering where everyone is!

“Members: 1,975, Active Members: 210”

So, where all are they in-game? lol, =P

Working on a whole bunch of servers? =O

I’ve only ever seen like 20 on altogether!

They probably haven’t found the link to download the proper Graal Client or think that not one of the servers qualify as good since there’s 0 players on at the same time. But if just everyone would wait a little longer they would stock up on a server and create activity which makes the administrators of the server willing to work to make it good and playable. It’s not so fun to work on a playerworld noone’s ever going to see. :stuck_out_tongue:

i just been busy working. that’s why im never on :smiley:

Well i’m sticking around, not sure about everyone else though!

Can i upload the client to like megaupload or something so people can download it?

their is like 10 d/l links last time i check. but go on ahead im sure they wont mind adding one more link :wink:

Client DL links are in Graal Reborn Community Forum rather than Graal Reborn General Talk.

Link to thread is http://forums.graal.in/showthread.php?t=17