KEK look at what this autistic sperg is still doing (Antago)

This schizoid will just never move on. Holy shit. Even after 2 YEARS of his shitty little christfag cult his chimping out never stops.

Hi Viper. Why are you still stalking him and knowing at all times what he is up to? Creep.

I’m not Viper though
What did Viper even do to Antago? Report him to the FBI for bomb threathening? kek :laughing:

These posts are not by me the IP logs of the accounts and posts can confirm this. This Yzgir whose account was created yesterday no other posts and Ethacon while having existed a bit longer and has a bit more effort put into it has alas never made any serious posts nor contributed anything positive to the Graal Reborn community if that guy is not Antago it is a similar misanthropic troll guy. and most of the other accounts that keep posting about Antago is likely Antago himself trying to get attention by posting about himself. It is not even done very well and easy to spot.

If admins here look at their IP it’s either Spectrum from Wadsworth/Akron Ohio or a proxy/vpn.

I don’t care about the guy or Graal and he just needs to go away. He should move onto just focusing on his Shane Dawson simping, second rate drag queen face paints and shoplifting from craft stores. Graal is a waste of time and unhealthy for that guy and all other similarly mentally ills.

The drag queen pedo freak guy is begging for attention but I don’t care and won’t care about the loser. I have no idea about his dumb youtube videos and don’t care. The last time I heard of him was him trying to tag people on twitter after making over 3000 posts in 3 days simping for Shane Dawson and other bizarro youtubers and posting freak show face paints only to be rightfully ignored by them and me. My assumption is that he was/is trying to groom children or something here… After all he did used to film gradeschool gyms and boys for no legitimate reason under his “Jest” accounts.

I rightfully reported him to the FBI and police in 2017/18 when he was making false reports about me with the intent of having me SWATed and killed and doing extensive defamation and harassment. There are several forum threads about this most of which were made by he himself under aliases including “MrGraalian” where he even sent me threatening extortionist emails but he was/is very poor at covering his tracks. Spectrum ISP from Wadsworth Ohio.

The weird guy/thing to larp as if it went to canada and had a job but clearly does not.

I am not “stalking” this guy, it is quite the other way around, he keeps incessantly trying to get attention from myself and others here when in fact we don’t care at all. My last post here was something like 4 years ago “going off of memory”.

Somewhere in Seattle or Cleveland or other shitty cities are homeless people next to piles of feces and heroin needles, but alas these things don’t occupy mine or most others thoughts because like Brian they are worthless and we don’t care other than to avoid such things.

The thing is very sick and would do the world a big favor if it just offed itself. I don’t care about him and never will. I will defend myself and take appropriate action against this habitual mentally ill criminal as necessary. Shoplifting schizophrenic antisemite racists are not my type of people. MVPD reports May 2, 2014

Well whoever this guy is, he is yet another person obsessed with dragging Antago.

Everyone else here knows I am not Antago myself.

Fair enough. This is not a case of any other person obsessed with “dragging Antago”. This thread and nearly every other that has posted about him has been done by himself.

It’s about trying to draw attention to himself while simultaneously trying to make himself appear the victim. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this.

It probably would be better to not even reply to these dumb threads. Had he never bothered me with his deranged crap years ago I would never have even cared one way or another. I just want to ignore the guy and for him to go away. This false flagging attention whoring bullshit was old 5 years ago.

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Everyone here knows antago is me.
@Spooon will confirm!

edit: well if it was a trick to make us put him down and help him play the victim, it fell short.

People still talk about him? I know he tends to upload recently still but didn’t know anyone cares.