It is true my fair friends. Pokemon and Graal united at last. We have unlimited ideas and with the right help we can do this with the creative minds of our brilliant staff. I kinda want to see it based around the Silver and Gold. You know with the Animation of the player riding along in the back of a truck and arriving in Kihoto to find the Professor in danger thus choosing his or her first pokemon and meeting up to get the pokedex which will record every pokemon sighting. Sounds hard i know but we can do this. With the help of Beholder i see this server going far fast. But Agrets scripting can only go so far as well, so were looking forward to hearing your ideas. :slight_smile:

I’ll help with scripting if you need any more. Just post or pm me requests and i’ll make it.

I made a movement system and a mock up for the tallgrass area system o_o

I thought thru the idea of making a pkmn game in graal before. Just never wanted to spend the majority of my time on it.

But if you don’t mind a semi-redundant use of string arrays, you can do lots of interesting takes on the gameplay. When a battle starts, a red ring containing both fighting pokemon would be primo. Ring blocks out people from walking into it, but with the option to join the battle for 2v2 during the pre-fight period. This way you can see the watch the actual fight and such.

Would be quite difficult to do a 2v2 without an npc-server unless you had some in-level npcs to facilitate it, sort of like how a spar works.

I will totally NAT for you guys. Awesome concept.

It could use server. strings if you had a special level set up for it.

CHeating would be horendous, as it would be extremely serverside (unless you really mangled a GServer for a database)

Is there any way to even stop hex or packet editing of values??? Havn’t tried cheating in forever, but if you can insert your own scripts, nothing short of a new gserver would really stop the possibility.

Edit: Maybe have some 3rd party checker scripts in place. Ie: A staff player has a bot player that sits on a certain level and runs a script that checks certain player values. Copy there value at a certain time period, and then taking a 2nd value at a later time period and then measuring the rate of change. Any bound that seems too impressive, ban that player. By recording total amount of attacks executed, and the total amount of damage done for example, you could tell if someone was using a auto-critical cheat.
Another option is have the opposing player run scripts that check the opponent for cheating behavior. Then send a flag to the server, if the same player is flagged by a few differn’t people, have it ban that player. Only way to cheat around that, is have the cheater flagging people, but then again, unless you have a large group of people cheating to get ppl banned it makes no differnce. (in this case, ban those ppl doing that?)

Pokegraal or Graalamon. I just want to see a finished product

Also, LOL @ your tileset, RM2k…

Kinda old topic, but anyone feel like making a quick mockup script for this? I started making one today brute force style, not optimized in the least but it will work.

so far, arrays that hold all the player owned pokemon stats (attk, def, spd, maxhp, hp, lvl, name). Each player has inventory for 6 of them. When a fight is initated between two players, they send a triggeraction that starts the fight.

The initating player sends the start triggeraction with a parameter tagged first. If a player get’s that start triggeraction it freezes the player(or makes invis), loads the display menus, pulls all the pokemon stats into variables. If the tag “first” is identified as a param, then a 2nd start triggeraction is sent to the player that initiated the fight. This triggeraction carries a new param “second”, aswell as the params for the player’s pokemon stats (and one for pokemon amount, and currently used pokemon, later when I script in all 6 slots). When the second param is identified, the player will run an if check to see whose spd stat is higher. If it’s the other player, they get triggeraction’d turn. Or if your’s is higher you triggeraction yourself turn.

In the turn action, there are 4 states. Which are pretty much just the differn’t menu option categories. Like attack, item, pokemon, and run. A turn let’s you pick one, like an attack move for example, makes the updates to stats, then sends the triggeraction turn to the opposing player, with the updates as params.

It’d be nice to work on it with someone else for motivation purposes mainly. Right now things that would be handy would be a tallgrass system, which would be like… a random int that runs if your walking in a certain tiletype. Then has built in Case scenario’s, for differn’t type of pokemon(with their stats) they encounter there, 1 case is chosen and then the player is triggeractioned the fight (with a param saying it’s vs computer fight).

  • which will need AI eventually.

And second, would be a decent param header layout. For adding status effects and such. So like, tokenize parameter and check if it starts with T, if it does, it’s a status effect, check the 2nd position which will be a number, that’s how much dmg or effect it has on a status. 3rd Position would be what field it affects, ex: {atk, def, spd, hp(psn)}, and lastly the 4th position being for how many turns the status affect lasts. Maybe a 5th position that say’s which player/pokemon is affect by it, if both players will be sending it back and forth as a parameter, either that or building a script section into the “turn triggeraction” that handles excuting status affects and counts down their turn duration.

Lol, Rolf is a mans name here in Sweden. Mostly men that’s around 50/60 years old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aparently the basic battle screen has like around 40 little parts. More than expected from a ds/gba game. Anyway, beholder can you post,


Sure why the hell not, since they’ve abandoned the project outright.


Callweapon works with params?

So does callnpc

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Anyone plan to be on in an hour? I wanna test out how good my mockup will work for multiplayer fights. (May need to play in fullscreen mode, with a res over 1024,720 due to rushing on my part)

Maybe, I havn’t seen or played any other attempts before. I havn’t even played a turn based system in graal as of yet.

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What sounds more efficient,
Having server strings that hold all the needed stats ( were talking like 60string lists ). That way your can triggeraction a player with the parameter of your playerid string, then they can easily pull up all your stats.


Saving all strings clientside, then when triggeraction’ing, sending a good 40 params instantly/or sending them as needed in the fight.

The second method sounds less taxing for everybody possibly. But keeping in mind that triggeractions are sent thru the server the differnce doesn’t seem tooo dramatic.
Especially if the server strings are only passively updated, like before fights or on certain occasions.

I notice both methods sound pretty ugly. But, just talking pros and cons of the choices here. For example, the first way it’s easy to access for lots of stuff. Being able to make things like leaderboards and event systems.

If you put it up i’m sure a lot of people will try to get on…just cos it’s new

All those ideas sound bad. Mod the GServer ;D