Not within my capabilities. Plus the only thing it would really change would be the gserver aparently handling server strings retardedly by constantly sending them to all players when updated. Instead of only sending them when requested.

But eh, if anyone is offering that’d be cool too.

I’m starting to think if the server can handle sending image files to players… That even uber constant packets with char strings should be no more work than a server hosting a chat program.

Edit- Just stress tested client. Having 40 differn’t string lists being updated by a changing variable, running on a timeout loop of 0.05 seconds. Causes zero fps hangup that I can see, on my 2ghz laptop. Since i’ll be doing something 1/100th of that, Should be fine.

Couldn’t you just save the data in an attribute?

Attributes don’t work on players o.o Only ganis.

Here’s how I would do it, if I wasn’t allowed to mod anything:

  1. Send shoot to 0,0 with params stating:
    Param1: ,,
    Param2: ,,
    Param3: ,,
    Param4: ,,
    Param5: ,,
    Param6: ,,

There, 6 Pokemon communicated to the other client.
The client would have a systems NPC and store those values in a local array for quick access.

  1. Send a shoot to 0,0 with params stating:
    Param1: sendState,,,

The client would take that data and throw it up on his little screen for the Pokemon that’s currently on stage.
The client will look up the Pokemon ID in a set of server strings that have their names attached.

  1. Send a shoot to 0,0 with params stating:
    Param1: sendAttack,,,<AttackType (Rock, water, etc)>

Have the client take that and do the animations necessary and subtract the health.

  1. For items:
    Param1: useItem,

Look up the item ID in a set of server strings and it’s effect. Do the effect.
Param1: sendState,,,


Yeah that would work too probably. Shoot seems to do the exact same thing as triggeraction in this idea tho. So only useful if shoot doesn’t use the server to pass params. Then you’d need to build the battle and recieving opposing player stats into a washit(fun flag to say) event or something.

Fun Fact: “Shoot” is also a triggeraction.

Almost got something ready to be playable.

Intro Screen video
Battle Screen video
Overworld Screen video

Still making some progress.
Pokemon Index Test

It now pulls up any pokemon’s base stats, (all pokemon up to #508) and their images and shiat.

It’d be good if someone wanted to help out with making some overworld levels tho.

HandupOnYoHip: Is this the new pokemon project that you plan on working on? You should start a new thread since the old one died to ease from spam. :O!

Anyway, very nice work, I’m actually looking forward to see how this is going to turn out. This would be about the eighth pokemon server try, and I’m hoping someone finishes with some kind of decent content.

I don’t think I’d be able to do this, lol… the battling and basic set-up will probably be easily done, but I can’t imagine doing all that background shit Pokemon is known for(EV’s, IV’s, pokerus, natures and all that).

Well I started programming Ev’s, Iv’s and Natures. Should have it done by tonight for sure. But so far i’ve only got natures and some new math functions… lol What’s pokerus?

-note: I’ll make a new thread soon, when I have something else to post.

pokerus is a “glitch”, or a “virus” a certain pokemon gets, it shows a dot next to their name. Somewhat rare, I think it doubles the rate of EXP they get.

"Last, but definitely not the least, isn’t an item, but rather a special virus
called the Pokerus. Wild Pokemon have a very, VERY small chance of possessing
this very special virus (almost as rare as wild Pokemon being shiny), but if
you’re lucky enough to battle one, the Pokemon that beat it will be infected by
the virus. To find out, simply open up your Pokemon’s page, and if a purple bar
with “PKRS” appears next to its name, it’s infected. After a few more battles,
your entire party will be infected with this really awesome virus.

What does it do? It doubles the amount of EVs you receive in battle, taking
into consideration all the items mentioned above.

So if you battle a Starly with a Macho Brace AND Pokerus, instead of getting
one Speed EV like you normally should, you get (1 x 2) x 2 = 4 EVs.

And if you battle that same Starly with a Power Anklet AND Pokerus, instead of
getting one Speed EV like you normally should, you get (1 + 4) x 2 = 10 EVs.
One of the users of this guide has given me proof that this is the correct
formula, so yeah. =)

They don’t work with the vitamins though. Feeding a Pokemon with Protein
doesn’t give it 20 Attack EVs, but the usual 10.

And one more thing, Pokerus is never-ending, but the spreading part doesn’t
last for more than one or two days. Everytime the date rolls over (a new day),
Pokerus “leaves” your Pokemon. When it does, the purple “PKRS” sign will be
replaced by an orange smiley face. Don’t fret, though, as the double in effort
points will still be in effect - the only thing that leaves is the ability to
spread it to other Pokemon.

With this in mind, one must avoid losing Pokerus completely by storing a
Pokemon with an active Pokerus on the PC Storage. This will preserve the
status of Pokerus forever until the Pokemon is taken out. A handy thing,

But triggers rarely work on other players in our clients o.o



Ah, i’ve never heard of pkrus before. Sounds pretty interesting. lol maybe i’ll try and go about adding it. Just need some kind of insanely large chance number, for how often wild pokemon have it.

dafont really does bring out the worst in me.

lol that is freakin funny… i’m not sure why, but it is. Not really sure who made this thread to begin with. I’m just calling what i’ve been doing Pokemon Multi for now. But really anyone can call it whatever they want when it’s up, graalmon ftw.

On a side note, it’ll probably take me till the weekend to have something good and playable. There is like hundreds of data variables for every aspect of the gba and ds games(<-me bitching).

Someone pick a good ridiculously large number to be the random pkrus value. And Canadian SIN numbers are acceptable too.

When it was introduced, the Pokérus had a 1 in 21845 chance to be on a wild Pokémon.

( )

I bet that this project will be abandoned like all of Xero’s other projects.

i fuckin abondon them because no one helps… everyones like “Oh sunds great… good luck by the way” and i’m no scripter, i can manage one or two scripts, i’m only a NAT and Server admin by rights…but if anyone is willing to help start this shit over again add me to msn n talk about it… [email protected]… but i am not starting another server by myself like the era remake and the lucivore and xeraxtor… there’s only so much one man can do… besides beholder, he can do practacally anything.

___Merged doublepost__________________

LAT dammit

To be completely fair, nobody else gets their servers made for them either… Expect absolutely no help and be pleased with what you do get. If you’re struggling on a script somebody will probably push you in the right direction on the forums. If everybody had the time and motivation to help you they’d probably have their own servers done by now. Plus most of you are a pain in the butt to work with. (I did that without cursing or naming names :-D)