tricxta is the new Dontar. Fuck you, tricxta.


lol tricxta is a fag and a jew now

Fuck you guys, I like Tric!


I reject Spooon’s statement.
And I think it’s funny how Yen thinks he can jump on the flaming-train when he isn’t nearly as useful/helpful as Tric.

Tricxta is amazing, he does alot for this community, you should respect that.

Oi, I’m plenty useful outside this community. I just choose to not do anything here because of what happens when I devote myself to graal.

If we’re taking sides, then fine I get to bash Crossfire for being the new tric. (aka brown nose McGee)
…hmmm I guess tric has changed over the time I’ve known him though. He’s not really the brown nose type anymore.

Hmm, yes. Thrilling argument.

I’m not trying to pick on you Yen. I just think Spooon’s aim was a bit untrue when he was looking for a victim; he’s venting because of how he misses Opshon.

Oh I guess that means Dontar is the new Opshon?

Hmmm, Quite.

>Implying you’re useful at all
What kind of things do you do outside of the community? I’m legitimately interested.

And delightfully modest.

I like tricxta.

How expensive is it to live in Delusion City?

Hey, faggots, I hate all of you.

Tricxta is a whiny little bitch. The kid can’t handle criticism of any kind. If, for some reason, you’re working on a project with him, you better make sure you get everything done when he needs it or he’ll have a fucking hissy-fit and bail on the whole fucking thing. He also seems completely unable to learn anything other than scripting.

If jumping onto a random server to script, leaving after a few weeks because of boredom, and letting the server die is helpful to the community then I should start jumping onto random servers to make it for them, leave after a few weeks because of boredom, and let the server die because nobody could finish what I was doing.

Uhhh is that the GO server I ditched? If so that’s because I was getting pissed off at people fucking with the systems I was working on, plus I don’t care for much most people on GO apart from a few individuals. If not I have no idea what you’re talking about, I offer to write systems for people and I finish what I do I say! I often include that I’m just helping and don’t want to be considered a staff member.

I also have no clue about this getting mad because other shit isn’t done yet. If I like a project I get a bit excited and often tell whoever it is I’m waiting on how eager I am for the piece in development to be complete but I don’t get upset about it… why should I?

As for not being able to take criticism, are you just getting mad because I haven’t taken your advice on certain matters?

1.) Shut up, you love us.
2.) False. I’ve been working with Tric for months now and find none of this to be true and rather circumstantial.
3.) #everyonebailsonservers - that’s why we have none anymore. Can’t single someone out for that.
4.) I like turtles.

tric is a badass at scripting. i dunno what this whole project thing is about, but no projects ever get done never. never ever. anyway, tric, i would suggest you do this: start writing “generic” scripts all these people can use. if there were a whole repository of just npc monsters, weapons, generic huds(skinable), and just npc junk people can just download instead of asking for help all the time, there might be a chance of a playable server. our curect repository, being the forums, can just suck my ballz.

so I want 100 scripts from you by the end of the week. and don’t make people ask you for your permission to use your stuff first. that’s just silly.

Stop bitching about everything, Spooon. I don’t understand what the hell has to be wrong with somebody for them to be an ass like you. Rather than providing constructive criticism in a polite manner, you constantly waste energy on bashing members of the community. You’ve made hardly any contributions yet you think so highly of yourself. Please step off of your pedestal and look at what you truly are for once.

Now, now. That’s not fair. His contributions precede our (most of our) entrance(s) into GR community. Simply because you cannot see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist; they do and they are numerous. If nothing else he, indeed, holds a lot of venerability. In which case, Spooon has many reasons to be proud and, I suppose, many reasons to critique the actions of us who have come after him.

That being said, I believe (and Spooon will and can defend himself) has a slightly different approach to critiquing and criticizing people here on GR. Typically, a blunt, brutal and poignant way of putting things. Whether or not you take what he says with a grain of salt is up to you.


the sad thing is that the only thing dumb in this thread is everyone that isn’t spooon or tricxta

im saying you’re all dumb

really dumb

really really dumb



it’s true tric is someone you have to kinda tread lightly around because of his fragile ego, I agree, but when have all of us ever done anything useful? rofl we’ve all played Graal at some point, and it’s arguably one of the worst ways to spend your time.

everyone needs to stop acting so high and mighty. It hurts the fun of the forums when we do. Yes, that’s right. We. As in, me, you and everyone else.