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The questions is as old as computers… which language should I learn? Time afford doesnt matter… seriously. Also cost doesnt matter. Which would be best to learn? What is the GServer written in? I’m open for everything! Even exotic ones…

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So you’d suggest C. Why should I learn C and not C++? (Sorry) And what about JAVA?

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If you are new…I suggest starting with Java first.

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Thank you! I already found out that most books require C as base when I was searching for some good ones. You have any suggestions on books? (Tutorials / Guides etc…)

My first foray into anything programming related was python.
I got a kick out of python for a while. But realized programming wasn’t for me.
That being said…python is pretty easy to get a handle on…even for beginners.

c++ confused the fuck out of me.


hmm… i don’t think i’ve ever, in my life, compiled a c application. I guess it’s why i suck so bad at c++ =(.

and yes, C# is amazing =) <3

huh? explain?

You have to define everything, arrays, int, float at the beginning.
Good times.
#include math.h”
“math.h is missing”
“Well fuck, good to know.”

And there are no Classes in C. >:|

haha, my bad… at the time of post, i thought you were referring to C# because that’s what was being talked about (kind of, anyway)

I’m use to C, I do not really think it’s all that weird to pre-declare, it’s just redundant to me I guess m00

what about for a person that know’s html but nothing else . would you recommend playing with java or going straight into c ? my buddy lambo had a python book but i couldnt quite rap my head around it .

HTML is rather crude as far as a scripting language goes.
If you want to toy around with webpages some more, go into java for object orientation.
If you want better programming logic, go into C.

If you’ve spent too much time in GScript, you’ve basically been molesting C and Java the entire time.

Code Rape, if you will.
This is where I learnt C++, it’s very useful.

lol I predeclare stuff even in C++ and C#. I like to have a list of all avaliable vars at the top of the function because my memory is crap :stuck_out_tongue:

obviously this is daft if the variable is only need if a certain if statement triggers.