My plan is to make this a small server, somewhat like the Bomber Arena, and hopefully make this server eligible for the Gold Tab.
The server is about conquering forts and ranking up your stats by conquering the forts, and by how many player kills.

Feature Legend:
Work in Progress
Not Available… Yet

Feature List:
Central Fort with Hideout
Tropical Fort with Hideout
3 by 3 Sized World with Detail
Online Start Local Inside
User NPC for Control

Any comments, questions, or concerns? Thanks!


This is the best part about the community.

A TOOL fan I see.

I was once bitten by a platypus, it hurt.

Yes… I named it after my favorite album. :smiley: Look at the server description… “Spiral down, keep going.”

So this is castle seige?

If by that, you mean dominating forts, like Classic on the iPhone, then, yes.
I hope to add much more features than that though. :slight_smile:

10 minutes of pure awesome.

Yeah man! Haha. Well a few updates to the server were made.

  • Unofficial landing site (fixed the “stuck-at-blackness” problem)
  • One fort is able to be captured. A second one is being developed.
  • The 999 heads are in the server. All of the regular bodies, too.
  • Fixed so you can customize the player.
  • A gate for players who have conquered at least 1 fort.

What the hell?

Before you showed up… Forts were able to be captured. But the thing you saw, Spooon, was the newest rendition of the game. I am making all of the forts indoors now. What you were in wasn’t a fort btw. That was just a player house.