Anyone still mess with Lego? I recently bought the Saturn V rocket lego kit, it’s friggin massive, and have been putting it together.haven’t finished putting it together and it is already of a significant size.

Lego’s still as awesome as it was when I was kid.

Lost all my Legos somehow… was going to give it to my nephew but they’re nowhere to be found. No idea what happened to them… probably was lent to someone in the family who must have thrown it away once her kid got old enough. Stupid.

If it’s that large, I’d imagine it was pretty expensive. Lego products always are for some reason. How much was it? If you don’t mind the inquiry.

$200 NZD and it’s about 1 meter tall XD

They claim legos are precision engineered and go through strict quality control, so they have to be super expensive. When I was a kid I used to flood the sandbox and make lego ships. (I also started fires in the sandbox.) I only had one bucket of them but they were cool.

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