Let's get the server active.

We’ll start by hiring a couple GCs and FAQs.

Forum PM me or post here, in the most persuasive manner, why you want to be one. I’m not going to require a formal app for this.


Spooon for FAQ Admin.

I want to be an FAQ, because I don’t know much about classic and think it would be funny to have the FAQ asking a bunch of players questions about how to find a quest :smiley:

Also +1 for Spoon as FAQ Admin

Maybe when I’m not walking like a snail!

I think it’s going to be hard to get the server active… servers like Classic were built upon large communities, and even the highest playercount here would probably only top off at 15. Either way, good luck.

Spooon for Co-GP Captain with Oopsilon!!

I agree with Shiny on the player count topping off at 15 or so. Why take that small amount and make it smaller by hiring players as non-essential staff?

On a side note … what the heck is a GC? I must not be up to date on the new Graal Online happenings.
(After re-reading Various’s post … I suppose it’s GP. My bad, another non-essential staff when you have Admins.)

GC = game coordinator, I believe. Basically ET’s.

I nominate myself for FAQ admin.

Yeah guys… Heres the thing. If we get the server active from what we currently have. Those people who are having fun will tell their friends, and those friends will tell their friends, etc, until ideally we have a decent player count. Classic in 2k4 worked great at 3 in the morning when it had 20 players, and not too long ago, I seen 15 on the current server. Either way, it’s about having fun. The classic events are fun, being able to get help on pain in the ass quests is fun.

Zip! You should be a GC, I’m not sure why, but I remember you better as a GC than an FAQ, but I’m not sure if you were ever actually a GC…

Anyways, quit being so negative guys and have some fun!

I’ve seen 30 on the Graal Reborn Graal the Adventure once. :>

Well there ya go!

I don’t have any friends…

Im your kitty friend MEOW :slight_smile:

that must have been the entire graal reborn community .:stuck_out_tongue: