Let's See Whatcha Got

Post your levels, heads, weapons, etc. That you don’t plan on using this is just to show off your work.

:expressionless: So you can steal it? no wai.

Lead by example, makes no sense to just ask everybody else to showcase.

Dude I just posted this so people can showoff the work they don’t plan in using

Pfft, you go first then!

Okay, yeah. That’s… original enough…

I take no blame for the harm that does to your eyes.

I have tons anyone can have. I don’t really care what happens to them.
Most of this is ole’ RoS stuff. Since I have tons, I’ll upload more later.

lol Pokemon

This thread has become useless/spam-fest with no point to it, so the drill.
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Topic also relocated to the Development Section since it involves user submissions for the game.