Level-6 Boss from Zelda 3

i always thought you were a great manager. the only 2 managers ive seen run that server properly, was you and virtue from back in the day. i am very sorry to hear you got treated bad, as far back as i remember, i remember you being a very nice guy. its Nambis btw, if you need a hand with anything, i would definently work for you again. :slight_smile:

Ah, nice to see you again Nambis. It’s been a while. And yeah, Virty was one of my favorite managers too. Genelite had some good potential. He’s an intelligent individual (I still hang out with him) but like me, he wasn’t ready to get control over Val. I think if I had more time to get used to things as co-manager or LAT Chief, I might’ve been able to juggle all the assholes better, lol. Genelite delt with the same issues I did, just in a different way.

I’ve been working on my own server for a while now. Well, my friend and I have. Marduk. It’s down at the moment because of net issues, but check it out if you ever see it back up. Once my net issues are resolved, I likely will be looking for help.

sounds good to me old friend, i would definently work under ya, i was working on a roleplay server and what not, but if you got a project going already, ill work on it with you guys then. thats cool, i was not a huge fan of genelite to be honest as a owner, as a staff member he was cool, i think when clash took over, it all went downhill if i recall. cloud is still kicking around and me and him were working on things, ill give him a shout again and tell him, if thats cool with you of couse.

EDIT: i forget who i mentioned it to me here, i forget things easily, but someone was willing to host server content for others on here, i dunno what the uptime is like, but if you make a request im sure he’ll offer again, that could solve some net issues for ya :smiley:

I talk to Cloud now and then still myself. I’ve tried helping on a few of his past non-graal projects, heh. As for hosting, once I guinie-rig my ancient laptop, I can use it as a little personal server for Graal and other minor things. It’s old and slow, but more than enough to keep a Gserver up and running smoothly most of not all day. I just need to get my net problems fixed, so I can stop using the neightbor’s unstable and unsecure wifi XD