Level generator / Gmap maker / dungeon gen / gif2mng?

Could someone zip them and upload them somewhere and give me the link?
The new download link doesn’t include them…
Damn vista BSOD me again, so im using vista, and trying to get my fedora server up soon…
thanks in advance dudes :wink:

~Your beloved fiend



However I’m missing the very rare “.NW+TEXT” Generator.
People say it doesn’t exist, oh, it did exist, and it was great; Unfortunately mine got over written O_o… @&*%![/s]

*Edit: http://ifile.it/iyrbxg0


.nw+text whats that…?

3 Types of Level Generator.

Generation 1: .graal & .txt
Generation 2: .nw & .txt
Generation 3: .nw & .gmap

The rarest is Generation 2, people tell me it doesn’t exist, and I did have it, but it somehow got over written by Generation 3.

wait… you mean it created the maps.txt? yeahh there was one, i remember it… i can find it for you if you’d like.

It indeed exists… I probably have it somewhere, but through my many HDD failures I might have lost it. I have the outcomes on many CD’s, however.

I’ve gone through all my CD’s, but I haven’t found it yet.

Thanks Beholder :slight_smile: thats all i needed :wink:

Quite so.



  • Levelgen (Graal + Txt)
  • Levelgen (NW + Txt)
  • Levelgen (NW + GMap)
  • 3D Terrain Generator (GMap)
  • Dungeon Generator (GMap)
  • gif2mng

[b]For the love of god, don’t use gif2mng if you have decent software, more cases than not, the original gif is better than what this thing spits out.[/b]

Mmm… sorry to bump this post, but could someone add a graalshop.exe? hehehe… i forgot to ask about it :slight_smile: also not included with the downloadable 2.2.20 pack…


I just use the nw+gmap one, edit the gmap-file with notepad so it only contains the “level01.nw”,“level02.nw”, etc, then save it as mapname.txt. It isn’t that hard, lol.

Or you could just delete the gmap file and use mapmaker (on Agret’s CD) at least as a guide to set up the rest of it. They sill work the same way, do they not?

Bloody Hell. Lol


Also I have a map tutorial on the damn forums. >_>