Level Generator isn't Generating.

So I downloaded Graal from this site, when I attempt to use GraalLevelGen_nw-txt after I click generate world nothing happens, no levels folder is created and the program just closes down. Any fixes for this? I did alter the levelgen.png to make my world if that matters…thanks.

You need to make sure your image is 8bit. If it’s not 8bit, the program blows up.

How do I make sure it’s 8bit? I’ve been looking around on MS paint and I can’t seem to find the bit depth

I suppose you’ve missed all of those meetings where I’ve said
Don’t save in 16/24bit
Don’t use MS Paint to save

MS paint, great for drawing, pure shit for saving.

Use Paint Shop Pro, Paint.NET, anything but MS Paint to save.

MS Paint can save in 8bit (in the Save As option), however it will mangle your colors to a “web safe” palette.

Alright, so I got the levelgen to finally generate levels, using Paint.net which is really amazing…now I have a new problem…don’t even know where to start on this one.

The roof part is suppose to be water…
The red volcanoish is suppose to be the ledge
Grass weeds should be normal grass
The mangled mix of tiles is suppose to be trees…

Nowhere close.

Oh right, this is because apparently the… Levelgenerator I got for .nw and .txt
Was… Meant for new world tiles…

Use the .gmap/.nw version, but use the .txt for linking levels together.
Over complicated, yes. But hey, this is the fucking shit we had to put up with years ago, and still have to put up with if you’re on official. -_o

god I rember that with kandora version 1 i ended up just rebuilding the whole word myself without level gen pice by pice, pritty sure beholder rembers beening i sent him pics and asked for tile advice and such for certion things lol was a long time back

I loved classic Graal and I was really hoping the playerbase here would be decent…but eh…I’ll work with it, levelgen works perfectly now, thanks alot for the help. Now off to do all the fun stuff.