Linking issue>server O.o

Well, I have a slight issue…
I play my maps normally “in the editor” and all the links work right, I can go inside my buildings etc. I upload it to GServer test control and the links no longer work…

Say localstart.nw>farm.nw.

It no longer works…
I download it again off of the server, and it works fine O.o.

Anyone know what’s going on?
!pissed! :bang: :suicide:

Sometimes you have to update the level if you’re online when uploading.
If that doesn’t help, hopefully someone else can get more technical on your ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I don’t know what “Gserver test control” is either … so I could be way off.)

67 . 214 . 171 . 148 / test . php To bypass chat spam filter O.o lol.

And I got it fixed thank god :open_mouth:
And you always have to update a map… to well… update it lol

Uploading a map via RC (atleast RC2) will update the level after it is uploaded (unless it’s in bulk)

If you have a level link to some level before the level is created (or before the GServer knows of it) It can act as a dead link.

I need to “restart” my server whenever I manually add a level through network (I have my server folder shared, faster than uploading through RC (and mass uploading though rc crashes my rc client)

In your case, you could just say “/reloadserver” in RC

It should still update if you upload in bulk.

Meh, I just remember it not doing it in earlier revisions, and on official. Good times.