listserver is dead

Seems the listserver has died. Sucks.

Lmao I just made a thread too…

yep, almost deleted yours

By almost, you mean you did. Right?

No, I mean I didn’t when I posted that and I do when I did now. If I could move this, I’d move it to misc.

Wait this meaning we can’t play servers again?

get used to it it happens alot around here

If it happens a lot what’s the point of just adding another thread to add to all the spam I already have added when I was an idiot

Anyone know how it crashed this time?

That’s not something you stop. Or, seem to have stopped.

It’s back up.

One common reason is that the listserver doesn’t get a proper connection to mysql, and shuts down. The listserver is in need of a total rewrite, which no one wants to do. Joey was working on a proper replacement that included RC-irc that made it possible to join the official graal reborn irc-channel. But as all Joey’s projects, it was put aside and never continued, unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of the IRC, stop leaving the god damn +R on, it’s a pain in the ass to control IRC from pidgin when the damn nickserv keeps resetting.

yeah i had to keep graal irc disconnected because of this.

lol, I wondered why it was so empty…

___Merged doublepost__________________

removed the mode.

i also dont say on graal irc because no one ever talks.omgooses.

How can I talk if it always gives me a loading error…?

“you got me” :frowning: