I loled when I saw this all they want is your god damn MONEY >: (

No one here gives a shit about igraal.

Did I say I care about it?

I actually much prefer the business direction they’re taking the iGraal over PC. Instead of forcing people to pay $60 a year to play shitty servers, you can enjoy most of the game for free and pay if you want to. Typical cash-shop set-up, and they’re trying to convert most of the PC version over. Sadly the only thing is, is that they’re really trying to milk the hell out of. Apparently cash-shop items mostly have to deplete over time so they’re forced to buy more… so fucking typical of them. But like I said, much better over subscription shit.

Exactly all they want is your money because they always make shops for bullshit prices and guess what? you can buy a gralat pack for 1.99 :open_mouth:
There are at least 20 shops in the overworld

Just don’t buy the packs :slight_smile: You can still farm gralats in-game, right? People easily got millions of gralats in-game in the past(whether glitching or not, I guess).

Meh, it’s a bad way to lose your hard-earned server currency but you can always just buy codes off some fucker who wants to spend THEIR real-life currency to waste more time with server currency bullshit, it happens all the time on Zodiac on the official.

thats some funny shit, Opshon


There’s an edit button, same button as the delete button actually o_o


When you delete a post on graal reborn, you delete a post in real life.

who here who plays igraal actually buys graalat packs compared to just farming them which takes a shit load of time, I rekon the best method is to stick with graal reborn and if you get sucked into a server you can always try become a admin on it for free and get more monies that way :smiley: And the total cost comes to $0 and 1 day of your life trying to be friends with an admin lol

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And for all the official graal haters igraal is slowly dying :smiley: people are gettin fed up with lag and quitting lol

And there bringing up out graal kingdoms for the iPhone which will spread the population and it will slowly die. Thought i might just share that with uz haha

Offical Graal is dead.
IGraal is gay.
GR is more dead than Official Graal.
You’re a kike.

It’s not like we don’t play Graal Online. I work on Classic and go on the OGCC. Marlon and Kalzor go on the forums sometimes, too. We are aware of what is happening over at GraalOnline. And we don’t care.

not only are they making ikingdoms but they are making iera xD cant wait to see how this ends up

rofl iEra. If only my ipod touch still worked. And if only my iPhone could work without activating it…