Anyone else ever noticed this?

First one was put there by Joey, the other two are there by Marlon.
Some sort of AdTraffic pissing contest. lol

haha i see.

I remember that. Lmao.

Yay for the Swedish Breakcore’s sponsorship! We don’t have to pay in donations now right?

The only thing I noticed is you using IE even though you have that Firefox icon in your quickstart.

edit: Also, I have the logo blocked but why the hell are the shadows grey?

I have no clue as to the shadows. as far as firefox goes, the shit pc im on atm runs it so slowly. thats why i use IE on this pc.

Run chrome, that’s heaps quicker than both FF and IE.

Chrome is only good for netbooks and most laptops. On my desktop I didn’t notice any improvement…Besides FF has a ton of things you can do with it.


all browsers suck


links2 and kazehakase

Chrome works better on my computer and it’s a 797 Mhz computer with 320 Megs of ram…

You would know more about it than I would.


FF was the chrome of before. It was new, it was fast, and it properly introduced tabs into our world.

But now, FF has become bulky, buggy and slow. In my experience as a webdeveloper, chrome has had the fastest loading times to start, to open new tabs and follows the HTML standards correct.

As of IE8, IE properly renders HTML standards correct aswell, as long as you define which standard you use (which a lot of pages still doesn’t do). But is heaps slow when opening new tabs, which is annoying.

Anyway, FF has fallen behind. You can do almost as much with Chrome as you can with Firefox.

Just because one is faster than the other doesn’t mean it’s always better.

Both browsers have there issues, Chrome doesn’t like to load some websites correctly and my virus scanner blocks it half the time (not allowing me to connect through the internet which is retarded). Chrome has less functions than FF because it’s nothing more than lightweight browser.

I prefer Firefox because of the add-ons, seriously, things like geasemonkey and ABP are great.

It’s all just a matter of opinion. Like I said, it’s best to use them on laptops or netbooks in most cases. Depending on your hardware.

Also, for the love of god, keep any browser fanboyism to yourself people.

They both have issues.

Personally the new multiple processes thing Chrome is doing (And Firefox through PluginContainer) can be both beneficial and well, annoying.

Chrome eats CPU for me. Firefox eats memory.

Either way I install buttloads of extensions in both and that’s usually the problem.

Firefox’s Adblock works better because of the design of Chrome currently.

I keep Firefox for my guests, yeah.

I use neither when I’m not in Windows though, rofl seriously

Kazehakase is so good

Just putting my personal opinion out there. Btw, there’s lots of add-ons for chrome aswell. not as much though, but the basics like adblock does exist.

I used to prefer firefox before chrome aswell, but when I noticed adblock and “greasemonkey” existed for chrome, I had no reason to stay with FF. =)

Just saying.