Look closely..

Coincidence? I think not.

And WHY would you want to “SEE THEM NOW”?!?!?



That was implanted as a test, and obviously you found it.

It was actually EOTB2002 but I photoshooped it out with my l33tskillz.

Bullshit, you love Buxrape; whatever that is.

It’s Pidgin, a multi-messenger. It puts the contact’s name down there.

EOTB2002 = Beholder.


I feel so left out.

haha wasn’t photoshopped; you nicknamed him Buxrape fagcake

:frowning: The spacing is uneven, there’s proof!

nah you nicknamed him

i nickname my contacts if they have ungodly long nicknames

you should all im me

Eye of the Beholder (Jätte Kult)
Is that a long nick name? :open_mouth:


How bout this one from Enigma,
Eye of the Beholder ~Noble~ (Aurora Kingdom)

Even maybe-er!

How about Tits Mcgee?

Super Nihilistic Nonfag Supercake

I remember that guy, always pking me. Bastard.

Hahaha, well I tried getting 100AP but people kept hitting me thinking I was an NPC (seriously).

A lot of people get pissed of at my GraalOnline account ff7chocoboknight.