Looking For a Server to Work For

I’m looking for a server to work for, i’m currently trying to relearn LAT and NAT work ( i’m horrible as a NAT, but i want to get better, and I haven’t done LAT work in ages ) I’m just trying to test the waters abit, but if anyone is truly interested, give me a shout. I’ve had a couple of servers already that have talked to me before, but they seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. Also if anyone is interested in throwing some pointers at me, i’d be thrilled


P.S. My Email is [email protected] and is also my MSN account

I also have yahoo: iglowinthedark21 and aim: iglowinthedark21

feel free to shoot me a message there too

Interested in working for my server?

He’s referring to me. lol.

He’s a good guy. I hired him as FAQ, but didn’t get to see much of his ability as my server progression all but stopped entirely. (I blew up my computer and just got it back up, two days ago). He never expected anything from me in terms of powers and he was very eager to help when I was around. Give him a shot.

(Wow, I just noticed when this thread was started. lol)