LttP World

Would anyone play/host/wanna work on a lttp themed graal server?

Edit: SHIT spelled world wrong.




I’d work on it with you Zip.

If it were decent, I’d play it.

Do it up, Zippy!

It sure feels cOLD in here.

:open_mouth: yeah u

Oh god…

Shut your face guy-- just because I haven’t been posting on these forum for 2 years so I am not familiar with every single idea that comes through.

get ready to get pwned

i support the idea. :slight_smile:


It would be owned, as in I, Dangerless, will OWN you.

And zip id like to help, but I wont be able to do alot because I have my own server. But I’d definately help :slight_smile:

No, Stowen, just, no.


Just don’t half-ass it with an overworld release of Zelda Online. If you’re gonna do it, do it right – restore ALL of the overworld and start working on recreating those dungeons.

On the otherhand, LttP is cool. Zelda is cool. Online is cool… but the novelty just wears off too quick. Graal(especially the older versions), and Zelda(at least the offline ones) just don’t handle multiplayer as well as people might expect.

I think it’d be fun to make every level singleplayer and let the only communication happen through PMs and masses, It’d be uniquely fun imo.

But just about reinventing the wheel though, no? And probably at a much lower quality, no disrespect. If anything, I’d say make the overworld completely online and just have the dungeons singleplayer.

Good idea shiny