publix education FTW


I watched the whole thing…

Who deleted the other thread?
It was just for a laugh, no harm in it.

hurr durr… give my minutes back.

I agree I was just poking fun but not saying anyone in particular may take my stuff seriously >_< Dangerless

I already knew who. :slight_smile: I just felt like putting it out there.
Anyway, I can’t tell if this guy is joking or if he’s serious.

I mean more than likely he’s messin’ around, but he’s really good at it. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about that look at his other videos.

never mind watch this

great actor he fooled me for a bit lol

After watching a few more of his videos … it seemed more like he was faking it.
Still funny though.

God (dangerless).

I deleted it, just in case. I know that it can go further than meant. You of all should know that.

My mistake then.

Ah! I was wrong about who deleted it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, I guess I can get your point, but it’s all in good fun. Some people can’t take a joke. Hell I’m called an idiot and other names on the internet all the time. I just let it slide because it would be a pointless thing to whine about. A lot of the people don’t even know you so most of their opinions should matter not.

Anyway, the video is still funny. :slight_smile:

It says who deleted it on the side…

I can’t see it. Remember … ? I was fired. :stuck_out_tongue:

“hurr durr” <— 39ster r weii?