Has anyone played this server? It’s awesome, they have so many quests and they actually have a bit of variety in them unlike most quests on Graal that rehash the same stuff.

The server uses music from a variety of games (Zelda, Okami, WoW) but it’s cool, good variety in music as you move around the world. When the music hasn’t been working for me it doesn’t seem as good.

Really like this server a lot. They’ve opted for filling out the world quickly and making some awesome quests, it should go on Silver tab for sure. (Not that i’m PWA…lol)

So far it is the most promising server on Reborn in my opinion.

It’s awesome until the corrupt staff chase off the players. I was doing a quest and they fucking warped me onto a wall causing me to start over.

The problem is that they hired a bunch of noobs that are playing with staff powers. I also noticed some of the English stuff was getting fucked with when I got on the other day.

I demand Bluebird returns and fires them! He should then fix the English stuff.

Then go to their forums, register and then PM him, he’s nice, I always talk to the guy when he logs on Evi when I toss it up to test something

Dont worry about this,i finish the game soon and erase all noob staff account and give only power to Gp and try to moderate the game.

Thanks for your opinion but don’t worry, as bluebird said all noobs of the staff will be demoted.
Bluebird (NAT/LAT/GM)
Drakwax (NAT)
axeras (LAT)
will remain in the team
Maybe Licsana but we don’t know, he is a noob but He has plenty of desire, he help but he is very kidding.

Don’t give GPs boots or drag tools. Or warpto to. That was the biggest problem for me.

I was hoping that I could get hired as a NAT and also fix up all the bad English translations all over the place however I can’t ever seem to see Bluebird online. Can you ask him for me?

It’s ok for me Agret,i edit your account for rc access.

Thanks, I have fixed translation in onlinestartlocal & tutorial.

Warp ring was bad so I scripted it again :slight_smile: