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the reporter Zheng Jianbin correspondent Li Wenfu ,Louis Vuitton Bag
suspects confessed ,louis vuitton mens wallets, according to the more than 20 criminal gangs ,lv authentic handbags, gang members cross committing crimes,lv damier graphite, since 2000 ,louis vuitton leather handbags, from Guizhou , Yunnan and other provinces, abduction of women and children sold to Fu , the number of 60 people. Fuan police, the majority of more than 20 suspects have been arrested , abducted women rescued by the police .
PRC since 2000 , a group has from Guizhou, Yunnan and other places more than 60 abducted women and children sold to Fu . Supervise the handling of the case by the Ministry of Public Security , which last year destroyed the police crime gang Fu , which has eight main suspects were handed over to prosecute .

police to identify, since 2003 , more than 20 Guizhou , Yunnan province have been women traffickers to 5000-8000 yuan price, Fu Mu trafficking to the cloud , on Whitehead , top Lake township , Zhejiang Taishun and adjacent rural areas and other places . These women are forced to become the local

case attracted attention Ministry of Public Security , supervise the handling of the case . Police formed a task force found several Guiyang nicknamed 5000-8000 yuan at prices ranging from selling , buying and reselling of these women are called Capture the March 13, 2008 , police task force was informed the same day the police deployed in the room, Yimin Fu Kam cages



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The buying and selling of these women are called Capture the March 13