mac stores rock

:animesmiley:im thinking on getting one do you think you guys will ever make a client for mac :whatever:


hell no

welcome to no

If it ever hits around 5.007 then yes actually.

We’ve already answered the question the last time you asked it–shut the fuck up.

“Hi I’m a fucking retard that has to play Graal on a Mac! I know you didn’t make the client for Windows, so I was wondering if you’d make one for Mac? Giggles

Our efforts would be better directed at restricting your ability to start these threads in the first place.

stick to photoshop and all that bullcrap that the mac still isn’t even good for

This is what happens when Jobs runs his damn mouth about Microsoft.

Well, if you like Linux may as well get a MAC since a MAC is just a Linux OS with a GUI on top of it xd.

Then you can play with your LS and Mans all you want.

I can still remember a time when the only way Microsoft fucked up games was through bad drivers. Now they’re fucking them up through bad management and business opportunities.

I see a bright future for the gaming industry.

Hard Times, I would still have a custom built gaming windows PC than a damn Gay Ass tampon Mac.

can anyone say “Darwin”?


No duh fool :stuck_out_tongue:

…I thought we agreed to close this thread

Never, it will be another trash-pile of text and it will reign for all eternity.