Is there a Graal Reborn client for mac? Macs can’t run .exe files :confused:

Nope. Only through Wine, or VMware.
And even then, its not perfect. Sorry o_o

and don’t use wine, it doesn’t work well at all.

what happens with win:

Ahh memories

Hmm i was thinking of CrossOver Games but i don’t wanna pay the $40 :confused: Ah well, thanks guys

yay for pirate bay

Would CrossOver Games even be compatible with Graal? Would suck to pay $40, and then it doesn’t even work. x.x

pirate bay is horrible

Only go on there if you want viruses.

Will there ever be a client for mac?

probably not until there is an npcserver because the mac clients all need npcservers i think.

lol wat?

don’t the newer clients need an npc server or did i just think i heard that from somewhere.

You said Mac clients O.o

noobs get viruses. anyway, pretty much all torrents i find on pirate bay are from demonoid.

[OFFTOPIC] Speaking of viruses, I have a Windows XP QEMU installation which I try to run as many small .exes that I can get my hands on. I now keep it as a pet :slight_smile:

One day I might connect it up to an unsuspecting admins network and see what tricks it can do haha.

[SLIGHTLY_OFFTOPIC] Pirate bay is my favorite because it has a large community that leave semi reliable comments.