Making fat ugly people disappear!

I did this in about two minutes with GIMP


Impressive now we just gotta get rid of all the fast food joints.

Haha tell me about it. America is full of fat people, especially when you go to parades, sports, motor races, or any other big events. I bet that “lady” was actually thinking that Mexican restaurant parade float was going to serve food… I can’t tell you how many pictures people like that have mutilated…

I just had to do this…

This was primarily done by taking other sections of the images then either copy and pasting or stretching them over the “infected” areas. Then using the GIMP smudge tool with a rate of 80.0 and using the pencil scratch brush and a large brush size such as 128 and going over the previously “covered” area. This is not going to be perfect, and the more time you put into it the better it will turn out, but it’s enough so you can post a picture without your eyes burning out or the average person knowing any better.

Nice try, but I think that rock will remain forever affected.

shes pretty hot

Just a tiny note here coughI’m a crew trainer at McDonaldscough
Now before you get out your death threats and Knooses

Lets stay on topic of the Photo Editing XD

Now the rock that Un-Unimaxed is sitting on
coulda been fixed by using Gimps Clone
tool so that it wouldn’t have lost those
sexy rough textures.

But I applaud your work on the parade !wow!
I hope nobody makes me disappear so easily
see first statement of post…please

I meant no offense towards anyone. My main point was that strange random people popping into the foreground of photos kind of ruins their atmosphere.
For example here is another photobomber as seen in the lower right

and thanks for the tip about the cloning tool. I’m not really a GIMP or Photoshop expert, I just dick around on occasion.

Haven’t messed with PS for years, then as a joke fixed a rusted out beam my friend was complaining about on FB.