Making future Graal Reborn more secure with Kerberos

Well, the more I try to understand Graal Reborn, the more convinced I become it is unsecure.
First, there is the problem of the password sent in plain text both to the listserver and gserver:

Now, even if our listserver (what about gserver?) have a secure login option, there is still the
bigger problem that the components receiving packets, thrust the connection to identify the other
side of the connection identity.

Now, I mostly know only one solution to this, and that’s Kerberos.
And even there, I mostly know the big picture, that I did read 15 or 20 years ago.

But the way I learn about it is probably the more funny way: by reading the theatre piece
about it’s design.

There is plenty of too serious, technical documents that I never did read.
But is surely more appropriate if you are the practical kind of guy.

But for people wishing to understand the big picture, let me share the theatre piece url:

I guess I need to reread that myself too!

When/if there are ever people playing here, then someone can be concerned about the security issues. However, until a new client is being utilized, you can’t change anything that matters.

The simple solution is to not use a real password. I seriously considered forcing people to use a random password, but I decided to trust everyone’s judgement.

lol I can’t even remember the one the server gave me. I have to look in my email any time I get logged out.

My password is about a certain forum member being a nigger, I changed it after he hacked my account

I’ve never stolen a GR account. :^)