Making GIFs

I keep trying to make gifs with free photoshops but everytime I do, the gif is low quality and doesn’t blend in like it is supposed to. For example, I try take a screenshot with a predefined object, lets say it is the grave. I use photoshop to crop the grave and save it as a gif. Depending on which photoshop I use, the gif will either show up in low quality or not show up at all. My friend has adobe photoshop CS3. If I have him make it and send it to me, it works perfectly. Can anyone help me create quality gifs without paying for photoshop?

Photoshop comes with Adobe ImageReady, which is specifically designed for GIF animations. It’s what I use, though I admittedly don’t animate much. It’s not the easiest thing to use, but when you’ve got nothing else it’s more than capable.

If you’re wanting to create static images, use PNG instead. In photoshop, to save a PNG just go to image > mode > index. Index it, and then save it as PNG. It should be usable in Graal. This is much better than using GIF.

I still use Animagic, because its compact, small as hell, has all I really need.
And doesn’t take 30 seconds to load, take up my entire screen, and generally everything else I dislike about Adobe ;O

I used to use animagic a long time ago, except I think it was trial or something. I liked the copy/paste mechanic they used for frames.

The trial was easy to get around, it stopped saving after a certain date after the install.
Changing the PC clock got around it, plus there’s plenty of keygens for it.

use I like it for pixeling!

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