Making it easier for YOU!

I’m getting quite tired of people not getting how to get the client or how to set their account up so I have therefor fixed the downloads page ( and added information there on how to register and activate your graal account.

I have also updated the main page to have a more correct link on “Join now!”


-No Subject-

I suppose ignorance is bliss.

I believe we should take all the warning labels off of every product out there, and let the problem fix itself.


Dammit, they’re all quotes.

lol, yeah, only in America… We shouldn’t need to have as much warning labels if people actually use their brain. If they aren’t smart enough they have only themselves to blame.

Reminds me of the convo we had in the car today lol

Yeah, I mentioned this thread didn’t I? lol :smiley:

Should add 2.2.2 to the list. =P I can’t seem to find it on Google.

I have cracked now, but I have to make a clean install first containing levelgenerator dungeongenerator etc both gmap-version and map.txt-versions.