Making some progress...


he should go up and down slower methinks.


Done a bit more.


Done some more work on the back animation. Only spent about 5 minutes on it, but got a good base for it. I need to work on the feet still and then animate the arm and possibly go over the back details. I made the animation slightly slower for all the directions.

After I am done with all the animating of the walk cycles I might have a crack at making my own head for the sprite sheet or continue to refine the animations.


Done some more work on the back. Still very rough. I think the arms need quite a bit of work and the feet might need some more also.

This isn’t really related to this, but I thought it looked cool XD
One of the things I was messing around with. I was reading a few tutorials that were like “Lets draw a shitty star field” and I decided to animate it, make the star its own object, and be able to move, scale, change color and some super simplistic movement.


Star thing is awesome :open_mouth:

Your north facing sprite looks like his head is backward… I suspect it is because the arms seem to go in front of his body, which is not a comfortable/natural thing to do.


Yeh, agreed XD, I need to go over some references for the arms on the north sprite. I think making the arms cross in less would ease the weirdness of it.


Is that IntelliJ I see?

Also yeah those arms going so far behind the body creates the illusion of the body facing forward. I suspect if you just removed the frames where the arms go behind the back, and not modify anything else, it’d look more natural.


Agreed. It’s what I was planning on doing or just lessening how far they go back may suffice.

It’s Eclipse XD


Back at it again :wink: Still a WIP, but getting there. I have some more shading to do which will make it look even more back like, but a bit to tired atm. After that I will fix up some stray pixels.


Give him a tramp stamp


All the animations in one animation and a tramp stamp.

I may raise up the front animation a little bit in height. As it is a bit shorter then the others and possibly change the arms a little bit and do some more cloth movement on the side animations.


Will you eventually convert this to a sprite sheet and have naked body sprites and clothing overlays so it could be used in an engine?


Yeah. I’ll do the sprite sheet shortly, but as for a base naked sprite, it may take some time. As I will need to redraw a lot of it. However, it shouldn’t take super long as I can use this as a good base. I would also like to make my own head also.


Great work Chicken! Keep it up


Yess, nice spritesheet.


Been a while since I have worked on this, but I started on a head. Again. I’ve made a few different heads, but none to my satisfaction, but this one seems to be coming a long nicely, but it’s hard to tell until it has a hairstyle.
Just seeing it on a different background makes me think the top of the head should be a bit taller perhaps as it looks a tad short when bald. Not that it would really matter with hair, but meh.

Still working on it though.

And because animations are always better.

Updated the head and done a few basic hairstyles. Mohawks for the win and one’s kinda strung the heck out.

or I changed the nose and between the eyes. A bit more emotive, I dunno (the eye color also)


Still working on it, quite a bit. It seems I forgot to disable a layer haha.

Not sure if I will stick with this side view or make a new one. Unsure.


he has the weirdest ear… looks like a hole in his head more than an ear.


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I kind of feel like the head is really flat. Almost birth defectish. Maybe try to round it off a little more like this?

Just a suggestion. Looking way better than anything I can make, man.


Oh. nice. I do actually like that better :slight_smile: I will probably make the side view a bit pointed/oblongish also and fix up the ear. Thanks for pointing that out.

Updated front with that head and also modified the side view ear, face and back a little bit.