Making some progress...


Thanks for the continued input. I’ve done a bit more work on the overall head and will continue to change it as I see/see things pointed out :slight_smile: done a bit more work on things. The side view hair is okay, I could get it better if I start again on it.


That noob has never looked better, what a spunk! Good job dude.


Should have seen the ridiculous death animation I started earlier. I didn’t save it as it was just over the walking animation, but it was just three frames of his head popping off in a bloody mess and blood particles everywhere.

I will probably finish up the head and then work on a gruesome single direction death animation.


Any chance you’re gonna finish the other sides of the naked body btw? I (personally) don’t need it to be hand animated as I use programmatic bone animation and just splice up and tween the different parts. It’d be useful to me for dolling.


I do have intentions of doing so. I’ll have a look at it. It shouldn’t be to hard to do the side and back if it’s just idle.


Made a small bit of progress. Still deciding if I will keep the back of the head dark like that or not.

I did have another version that blended a bit nicer down, which I may switch back to. Have to look when I’m not tired as heck to decide.

Been busy working on a text adventure engine in java so not a lot of work being done.



Neat, any chance you can post updates on your text adventure project? Always interesting to keep up with such things.


Can do. Constantly hitting the breaks on it to rethink the overall design of it. I’ve re designed it 3 times so far and am thinking of doing it a fourth lol. But when I have something substantial to show other then some basic commands to change levels, inspect levels and objects I will ( in the console, for now )


Is it a mud

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Nah, not at this stage. It’s something I was thinking of doing when I want to get more into the networking side of things, but that will be a good deal down the road.


Got bored. Still have some perspective stuff to fix on it.




Made a bit more progress on the death animation. Still quite rough, especially around the hair, but meh w/e.


that’s pretty brutal, looks great though


Auto combustion would give a good excuse for disappearing corpses. It already looks kind of like it.
I don’t know how this will l look, is that supposed to look like the character falls on the ground or it’s not finished?

This looks great anyhow.


Yeah it’s meant to look like they’re getting knocked off their feet, by a sword swing or something and it cuts their arm off a bit lol. I could gib it at the end. I’m always up for some over the top pixel gore.


Make one of his eyeballs pop out

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I tried to make it somewhat of a comical dirty wolf sees a hot girl type of eye pop.


Worked on a few graphics today. Been messing around with messing a little bit again and decided to do a new letters.png thing lol.
Might redo the text also.

Redid all the lower case text, tested and well… Apparently it’s spaced oddly and messed up my custom text. So, I just made a recolor.


Looks great, but the repetitive tear/paper defect pattern at the bottom bothers me honestly.