Making some progress...


It doesn’t bother me that much though it is a minor imperfection or it could be a feature/bonus, overall it looks good. Remember with graal and it’s images we have a pretty limited number of pixels to work with so repeating patterns will come up often.


Graal is naturally shitty looking so it doesn’t really matter what you do, the defects are the features.


Been messing around with some graphics again. Started on this tileset. Still a lot of work to do with it. Plan on releasing the tileset to the public once it is finished or in a reasonable state.

Updated. Made the roof tiles even more modular and added a troth lol.


I really hate trees. They have always been my enemy >.> Could probably do with a lot of cleaning up, but I cant do that right now cause my eyes are screwed.

Updated, added some paths.


Whatever you say, that’s a nice looking tree.


trees look good imo, everything just looks a little dark, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing


Looks pretty good. Dunno if you’re looking for any criticism, but I’m going to be a bit selfish here and say something.

That’s probably because there’s a lot of grey in the tiles. Generally the rule of shading is to use colors and not greys, and everything here has some sort of near-grey shading to it. I don’t really think that’s a bad thing either, because for some reason it makes the colors pop.

Bushes look a little bit flat on top though. I feel like my character might be able to jump ontop of it.


I swear there’s some kind of optical illusion going on with that tree that causes it to look a bit bent at the top on the left side. Pretty trippy.


Draw cone. Put leaves on cone.


[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“title”:“Sans titre.PNG”,“data-attachmentid”:188408}[/ATTACH]
Never knew it was that easy! I’m an artist now!


Draw circles, each one getting smaller. Put leaves on circles.

The shading is a bit diferent on the left side compared to the right. I might fix it up at some stage lol, buut meh. It doesn’t bother me to much.


not sure why the gifs my app makes always get translated to becoming so fast ( 2x it seems), but anyway I heard you like light effects.

Can view here and slow to half speed:


Crazy stuff :open_mouth:
That kind of light effect must’ve took dedication, I like!


Some applications for making gifs will try to delete frames where there are “duplicates”. I dunno if that has anything to do with it, since the ones that do that usually will double the length signature of the frame to compensate, but maybe it’s not doing that properly?


it actually took me 20 mins, the logic is stupidly simple.

[CODE]local function renderPlayerShadow(ang, dist)
local lightDist = 20

if ( dist < lightDist) then

    local dl = (1 - (dist / lightDist))
    local alpha =  dl * 0.8 + 0.2
    local zoom = dl + 1

    this.showani(300,player.ani,player.x + math.cos(ang) * 2, player.y + 2 + math.sin(ang) * 2, player.dir)
    this.changeimgcolours(300,0,0, 0,alpha)
    this.changeimgrotation(300,math.deg(ang) + 90)



function onFrameRendered(delta)

local tx = player.x + 1.5
local ty = player.y + 2
local dx = this.x - tx
local dy = this.y - ty
local ang = this.getAngle(dx, dy) + math.pi
local dist = this.getDist(dx,dy)


renderPlayerShadow(ang, dist)



I suspect it’s more an issue with gifcat as i actually wrote my own gif recording software, and the file plays at normal speed on my local machine. The algorithm I use doesn’t do any kind of optimisation to detect duplicate frames and extend the length of the first, although that sounds like an idea worth implementing to cut down the file size.


What language did you use to write the program? Also, what libraries did you use to port it to a GIF format on the fly?


Java. I took this code( and built a UI around it that uses other jdk libraries to capture screen contents and feeds it to this class.

But that’s enough derailing. Can we get back to appreciating chicken’s pixel based artistry?


Very awesome stuff Tricxta :open_mouth: Cool to see them in action, outside of pyxel edit.

I’ll [rpbably take a break for a bit on these due to reasons, but I may fix a few things up and slap it into a tileset format before hand. Would take a good while to that. However, it’s trivial for someone who wants to use them to pull out the tileset themselves. Just time consuming.
Made a rectangle and put rocks on it. Can be scaled vertically, also. The north south transition is not awesome. I might revisit it at a later date.

The tops of the cliffs are not finished. I will either leave them transparent and remove teh grass from the base or do variations. I will update it after I have done it.

Last uupdate. I can’t do anymore. Not sure if that signs okay.


Having played around with it, I for one very much appreciate the modularity of those roof tiles for sure. If you’re taking suggestions, it would be cool to see some signs, be these a combination of both sign posts(maybe where you could layout the tiles in such a way that you could choose which arrows can be placed on the post) and low lying board signs.