Making some warp rings and I need some gfx.

Anyone know of some of the basic warp ring graphics or something equivalent and can name off some good gani’s related to the actual warping process? I could probably make my own gani’s but if there is already a good one made, seems like extra time to make another one. Anyone who could help, that would be great.

In ye ol’ days. People just did stupid effects. Like this

if(playertouchsme) toweapons OSL Ring; if(weaponfired) { for(this.i=0;this.i<8;this.i++) { playerdir = this.i%4; //SpinTard putleaps this.i%2,playerx,playery; //PutLeaps sleep 0.05; } setlevel2 onlinestartlocal.nw,30,30; }

That could work. Don’t need anything fantastic, really. Just a simple means of getting around the overworld quicker even though it’s really not that big as it is, but still.

if ( weaponfired ) setlevel2 bullshit.nw,30,30;


Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

if (weaponfired) setlevel bullshit.nw;

Really, who cares where it places you?


O_o way to derail the thread Spooon

You derailed it. I replied to a post.

his provides an effect

That would mean Beholder derailed it. Not me.

So I didn’t feel like putting the word “ring” into a windows search.

How about into an Everything search?

Spam aside, heres an image for your warp ring
:unixmad: Just remember to make it 8bit. Lol

LOL i can only imagine where that ring would warp to

where do i stick my finger?