Map won't display

On the ‘Prolenga’ server I am unable to view the map, the other players have no problem with this. I have tried changing the button that brings up the map but the result is the same, could this be a problem with my client?

I am not the only player with this problem. We have recently installed a Bigmap, but my client does not show this, the levels aren’t seamless and I still have to go from one level to the next.

have you checked the client setting’s to see if you have the “don’t connect levels” box checked ?

Not checked.

It is not checked.

Try deleting bigmap.txt in your Graal folder. Is the map image 8bit? Do you have the setmap command in a weapon or in a level?


It was not me who created it so I’m not sure, I’ll find out for you though.

setmap prolenga_bigmap.png,prolenga_map.txt,0,0; <-- That is the code that is on the first level ‘prolenga_aa-01.nw’

I have attached a picture of the bitmap that was used.

I deleted the local bigmap but it did not make a difference


So no-one has any ideas?

yawns Your issue is that your client does not have “prolenga_map.txt”
Sometimes you have to cheat to force the client to download it,

showimg 300,prolenga_map.txt,0,0;
setmap prolenga_bigmap.png,prolenga_map.txt,0,0;

May not work the first time, but if you reconnect or restart your client, should be fine for everyone.
If they still don’t connect, press F1 and go into the general options, you might have ‘Don’t Connect Levels’ turned on.