Marlboro Server

Since spooon is so pushing on people creating “their own” stuff, im going to please him by creating my own server. Marlboro. Marlboro is going to be a server based on 4 nations, each able to control an element. You will be able to do quests, gain more weapons associated with your nations element. Such as someone from Fierra, the fire nation, will be able to gain more powerful weapons such as a more powerfull, and effective firewave. etc. Also, there will be 4 castles, and each can be taken over by another nation. This will be a nation PK server, still in the works.

Hiring note:
Hiring ALL dev positions.
LATs are needed too.

Contact Stowen or Brodie.

Watch out that the cigarette company doesn’t come sue you >:D

lol i love marb reds. prolly why i got the idea to name the server marlboro :smiley:

+ = ???

Well good luck with the server! :smiley:
Spoon might not slit your throat now. Anyone remember the Joe Camel commercials? I wanted to grow up and be just like him!

I thought it was just coincidence that the server is called Marlboro like the cigs but it figures =P

Since I’m server host thought we would rip some Damasca levels as well since I have the whole PW :smiley:

Avatar was epic…specially the final battle between the Firelord and the Avatar.

The event house and mines are not made by you. Maybe the mines (I think it is from Vivitron) but the event house is an over-used level seen in many places.

The starting area isn’t made by him either :stuck_out_tongue:

The 4 nation start is actually a level made in the essence of “Maloria Fear Reborn” considering I made that level 3 years ago when Maloria V4 started work with the ugly new bodies that phantom suggested.
It was “Nayfle” “Inuia” “Tralitai” Then “Zelphyer” z.z

Yeah! Lets be original gaiz

The swing/slide script isn’t made by you either.

Neither is the “Hat System”

It’s edited most ovbiously, but not made by you, Tailor system is from UN package, which isn’t even needed considering we have setsleeves and such integrated into the Gserver.

What else?

ARG Matey! Wow the only thing made by anybody is probably going to be my Radio system then >_<

I was thinking we should change the Playerworld name to PirateBay O_o

It’s not that hard to make your own stuff :o

I understand in using others images but scripts now?

Scripting gets easier day by day with REAL practice DX

Tell them that not me imma just the host, I can’t control what they do I have no power >_< only thing I’m donig for the server is making a awesome radio script!

the levels ARE made by me, thanks. And to inform you spoon, I was CO-MANAGER of vivitron. :slight_smile: I made alot of the stuff on vivitron. So yes, the mines are mine. And yes i got the nations idea from maloria. I didnt copy and paste anything tho. Just an idea. :wink:

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And the hat system isnt by me, no. But its edited to where you can collect hats, originally it was you were allowed to scroll threw all the hats. And yes I remade the Slide, and copied the UN swing. I got the slide script from the forums, its in the NPCs section, somebody requesting it.

So before you go saying shit, you picky-ass-motherfuckers, get your shit straight.

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oh yeah, and IM SORRY I CANT NAT PERFECTLY. I dont have a NAT working working on my server, cept for urza, so of course im going to use some scripts that arent mine, fuckin cry if you dont like it. You not playing my server isnt going to hurt me at all, and I’m not going remove content because you dont like it.

…I can’t remember what we did to rile him up. Must have been the UN bashing?

I actually think this server’s looking fairly promising, so long as the government doesn’t shut it down for advertising tobacco products to minors…



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Saying absolutly none of the stuff on there is my work. If you guys werent sure that i was CO-MANAGER on Vivitron, dont go sayin shit isnt mine until you CONFIRM I didnt work there. I was actually LAT on a few servers, and Manager on a few also. So dont go talking shit until you absolutly KNOW shit isnt mine. And I never said that some shit wasnt mine, so dont go saying it like i didnt know.

qq more

You can’t NAT perfectly? You mean Program in GS1 correct?

So what? I’m not the best either but at least I know how to make my own shit and get my own shit to work the way it should. xP

So what if you can’t? I’m not crying I’m just saying get original LOL

And actually Yes you did steal the “Nation Select” Thing from mal :smiley:

Stop cursing, show your more mature then that.

It’s just funny to say that your stuff sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Accept it like most of us do, I accept alot of things so why can’t you?

Stop crying XP

I can make you really cry and clone your server but make it actually function without stealing scripts if you want o;

To make it better, I was a Developer on many servers as Graphics, Levels, Animations, and SFX :stuck_out_tongue: and at one point when I was studying GS2 I was Developer Admin of about 7 servers LOL all I could do in GS2 is make pretty little GUI’s that blew other’s away xd

I’m sure we have all been staff on a server Stowen, so don’t try to show off because I could show off better then you on servers worked on I bet. :stuck_out_tongue:
Plus, it doesn’t even matter in reality. LiFe :stuck_out_tongue:

Begin Sarcasm. Yeah your right chief, i should just stop bitchin. I’ll accept it, sure thing. Oh hey, my bad my “NAT perfectly” thing upset you, wasnt under the impression this was grammar school, and we have to talk perfectly. Go ahead, clone my server and make it functional from your own scripting and leveling. Or should i say “programing”? Would that make you feel better, kind sir? Oh, one more thing. Didn’t mean much by it, just saying that I worked on Vivitron to clarify for you, that the mines were infact mine. Thanks for your time, my friend. End Sarcasm.

i cant npc administration team perfectly either ?_?