Marlboro Update!

Re made the nation select, completly custom. Thank you to Sublime for the graphics :slight_smile: Would like some feed back on that. Also added a quest. Small riddle quest. Feed back on that?

Nation select is cool. The images are mint. It just needs a background and ditch the normal graal text and use showimg. It looks horrible.

The riddle quest is fucked after the water maze thing >/ god I had those. The guy says “Correct! sleep 1” so yeh.

Thanks Chicken, I’ll def use the showimg for the text! And thanks for the bug report on the quest!

OH WOW SUPER DUPER YIPEE HOORAY HAPPY HAPPY SHOOPDAWHOOP… I’ll have to force myself onto your server.

Marlboro’s Quality

Marlboro is very impressive. I like their ideas. It makes me want to pick up smoking cigarettes.

It’s named after Malboro, Mass. in the United States. Not the cigarette brand.