Math :o

How would I have a number such as 62.222

or so round to the nearest tenth in Graal D;?

So the number should be 62.

I’m just more or less trying to force it to use absolutely no decimal

(For damage and health and all that junk x_X)

I’m not all that amazing at math compared to anybody here at all ]: (( I suck at math :confused: ))

More or less, help me with a formula? x:

does it have something to do with abs considering I want an absolute? D:

((Also just to help me out maybe give me some e-book links for mathematics? :x ))

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Holy crackers :smiley:

Nevermind I found out ^-^!



yaya :]]

Now if test is 99 it will be 999 absolute :smiley: well, in general no matter what it will be absolute with no decimal :smiley:

I’m sure there is a better number to use considering it’s repedative D:

But, I’m not the best, and it works so far, I’ll just change it later when I learn more :>

No Decimal.
int ( 62.222 ) = 62

Rounding Up.
int (62.222 + 0.5) = 62 (Its below 0.5, what did you expect?)

One Decimal.
int(62.222 * 10) / 10 = 62.2


One of the only things that I don’t understand to much is Math functions other than math functions I’m fine in most other things :o

A minute ago I was having issues with this type of thing


then I learned for that I need to use

absolute ( abs() )


Maybe I’ll get the math part of graal done in like a month :stuck_out_tongue: that’s all I really have left to learn really, well and save[] :o

But thank you :]

1 + 2 = 3 :smiley:



distance = hypotenuse, cause really. its just a triangle. :open_mouth:

fine >:|


D is the sinusoidal axis or linear shift
A is the amplitude
B is 2pi/period
C is the phase shift

Not in a useable graal format :open_mouth:

I know, but the title of the thread is math.

100 0110 1110 1010 1001 1011 = 4 647 579

I win.

How did you win? Binary can suck the blade of a knife.