Maybe all scripts should not continue to be sent to Agret?

Nothing personal, about Agret.
The fact is I think (maybe wrongly) that he is not active anymore.

Anyway, the code to post stuff (like scripts) privately to Agret at some place.
Maybe that should be adjusted?

I only care about TScriptWeapon.cpp and TNPC.cpp:611.

Here is my grep result:

[email protected]:~/graal_reborn$ grep -r -i -n "Agret" npcserver-v1 npcserver-v1/branches/development/documentation/how to script on our new server.txt:5: this.var = findplayer("Agret"); npcserver-v1/branches/development/documentation/how to script on our new server.txt:6: this.var.nick = "Agret"; npcserver-v1/branches/development/npcserver/src/TScriptWeapon.cpp:142: mServer->sendPlayerPM("Agret","SCRIPT:"); npcserver-v1/branches/development/npcserver/src/TScriptWeapon.cpp:143: mServer->sendPlayerPM("Agret",script); npcserver-v1/branches/development/npcserver/src/TScriptWeapon.cpp:145: mServer->sendPlayerPM("Agret","GM SCRIPT:"); npcserver-v1/branches/development/npcserver/src/TScriptWeapon.cpp:146: mServer->sendPlayerPM("Agret",mWeaponGameMonkeyScript); npcserver-v1/branches/development/npcserver/src/TPlayerNC.cpp:195: sendPacket(CString() >> (char)PLO_RC_CHAT << "Programmed by Lnxmad & Agret"); npcserver-v1/branches/development/npcserver/src/TPlayerNC.cpp:227: // Unknown Player Packet: 2 ("TEsting THis",1000,OBJECT,Agret,onlinestartlocal.nw,30.5,30) npcserver-v1/branches/development/npcserver/src/TPlayerNC.cpp:239: // server->ncChat(line); // Debug print - Name,1000,OBJECT,Agret,onlinestartlocal.nw,30.5,30 npcserver-v1/branches/development/npcserver/src/TNPC.cpp:611: server->sendPlayerPM("Agret",gameMonkeyScript.text()); // DEBUG: REMOVE THIS LINE [email protected]:~/graal_reborn$

Hey man, that NPC-Server is unfinished and was started by Lnxmad. I don’t think anyone would actually be using it cause it has a lot of bugs.
I started to fix it up / improve things but there are some really strange bugs that I couldn’t fix quickly and I put it aside after I reinstalled windows and was too lazy to setup my dev enviornment again.
If you want to try and fix the bugs replace the Agret’s with your account and try play around with npc weapons and see if you can fix the server.

You looks more active than I thought!
I thought it was good to tell, at least it seems Spoon use it in at least one server.
My understanding of the game is still quite limited. But I may try to experiment a bit.

title made me lol

I used it once to try it out.