setcoat black
setsleeves red
setshoes red
setbelt black

because no one knows what my graal character is supposed to look like well there thats how i do him
now u kno

gllt have you ever had a dream? That you, um, you had, your, you, you could, you’ll do, you, you wants, you, you could do so, you , you’ll do, you could, you, you want, you want them, to do you so much, you could do anything?


Where’s the shield you made?

Needs more gay and furry


That is PACHUKA, and PACHUKA is j00r DADDY! if I recall SuperNick, PlunX and a couple others also tried copying that look.
PACHUKA left the game long before custom bodies came into play though.

so i did some reading and i guess pachuka had a thing for bondage well thats cool i like bondage

and goats

goats are the best animal ever like they’re so cute when they’re babies

but then they grow up to be a badass and metal as fuck hail satan