Hello, guys! I’m starting a side project. The server will be named “Meek”. Its going to be a PK encouraged Classic server. Its going to have Jobs, such as Mining/Tree Cutting/Fishing and some others TBA. There’s going to be player-run business, villages, and Guild Wars. It’s not going to be a very large server, either. Not much more I can say about it right now, but if anyone is interested in helping me out send me a PM on here, or log on to the server. :slight_smile:

pk pk pk pk pk pk pk pk pk

You work on too many servers and they all resemble eachother in oh so many ways. o; PK server with Tree cutting yeah!

Well, if you think of it you can PK on any server with jobs and other miscs o; So why not just fix your smokes server up.

Because there’s too much wrong with my “smokes” server, Twiggy. To be quite honest, I don’t feel like fixing that shit right now, in fact, I’m going to take it down at some point today.

It wouldn’t be hard to go through and fix, you just need to organize yourself and prioritize what’s important to be fixed first. I’ve just recently started working on Evi again, in fact I have a nice list and everything already in order on how it will be done.

It’s not hard, it just takes time.


Levels: First work on the outer shapes of how it should look (I start with a blank map, don’t know about you.) Then start with the buildings and naming of the lands, 7 islands? 2 towns per island or however?

It’s easy, just plan everything before you start working in a notepad and record your progress, why would you throw away what you have worked on for awhile?

That’s why many servers on here don’t make it.

I’m not throwing it away, I’m taking it down for a while.

So it will be back one day and improved? O:

I would like to see that one day :>

Yes it will be…one day. To be honest im not quite sure who shut it down…because it wasn’t me.

The individual who was hosting it and saw that nothing was improving thus it was a temp waste of space until improvment is shown it will not be up again? O: Who was hostin it lol

It was being hosted on Joey’s server hosting thing…

Ok seriously, your indoor levels are fine but your town levels are killing me.

No Offense but this isn’t “Runescape”.
Then turn it back on…?

And for anyone decide to use that service. Tell Joey you’re going to use it or your server will be unprotected, meaning anyone can just waltz in and shutdown, make a backup or delete your server.

Mine is protected, but I think its protected to someone else I’m not sure…

Possible. But apparently your IP address is fucking random, unless you hop around on your account from different locations;
67...* (Last on Bomber)
96...* (Last Forum Post)

I just bound it to your last Forum post.

Yeah, I’m at my girlfriends right now. But at my house it’s still locked to another IP.

How would I use Joeys service, aka how would I contact him and ask him? o:!

He’d have to be online for once.

Stowe, why dont you let me do some maintenance on Marlboro, send me your pw and see what I can do.
I really like your server and I dont want it down again.

just message him on here thats how I did it, takes a while but happens in time.