Member With No Life

i wear this badge with false pride. who else is in this club?

i am a senior member and wear it with pride
except i dont really wear it

well then you are not in this club. lets get some mods to delete his post, pls.

me joking, but delete it anyway. looks like rubbish.

I am the muffin man and that I am, I wear my title with pride and take it in my stride to be that man, the muffin man!

well you guys can suck my no life dick

No thanks…

i demand to be branded with a different title


that would be fucking awesome

I want my rank to be:

The Noddessese Emporer

lets make this happen

Thats not available to everyone… only VIPs and greater lol

why the fuck am i not a VIP yet?

i rly want a new rank
please make me
The Noddessese Emporer

noway man… your not special enough :o just donate 100 dollars and you will be special enough :wink:

donate $100. dayum. i dont have that much money to give away. i donated most of my birthday money to ‘nature canada’

well i want new title with 0$

oh and the rest of my birthday stuff is a pond cuz i want a place for mah goldy the goldfish to live and a place where i can keep some froggies. the other money i haz in my bank acc is immpossible to donate cuz my parents wont let me touch it

no I am VIP and can’t change my title

just trying to scam you out of money lmfao

i do want a custom furfag title though but i dont know what i want


This… this is why I’m afraid to ever touch the fucking 500 postcount milestone.
If I do that, I’ll be seen as a regular spam artist just like you morons. In such a case that I am, it’s better that I don’t blow suck my cover.