Mini-Server Idea

You typed three paragraphs about you server, and yet, you barely told us anything about it.

I’d be keen to help get a small server together. Just to have something finished would draw more people in I believe, but that is my opinion on it.

Reminds me that we’re supposed to work together all of us on Graal Reborn PW to have atleast one finished PW.

True. Send me a messaage/email or w/e of what you want done. I’ve been a bit side tracked lately.

My fantasy is pretty much down at the moment, but I’m starting to make some forest south-east on the map north of the village, I’m planning to put some tree-houses in there and such, maybe you could have a look at that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure. You want me to add some tree houses? and what not to it?

Yeah, and finish the forest, it’s a bit messy right now. :stuck_out_tongue: And I found some tiling errors on your watercliffing, so have a look at that. :slight_smile:

Oh, right, Garacat, want to help us out doing some LAT work on Graal Reborn PW? We are in great need of dedicated LAT’ers as of now. Scripting and stuff like that will be added later on. You’ll have to learn how to style the levels properly to fit the rest though, but you seem good enough. The servers overworld is not too big right now. If we ever get more players we’ll expand it and force people to spread out through the world. :stuck_out_tongue:

blinks I remember a village quite similar to that on Babylon (unreleased), something Kisharha was making, I’m sure her’s was ‘smaller’ though. Still, that is trippy though.

Off topic!? Maybe you should hop back on!

I wouldn’t give out th levels…

Are you a machine? because you seem to not be lazy at all and are popping levels out like a machine. lol. A very rare quality that is.